Operation Revlon, MakeUp That Takes
Revlon Revolution In Staying On Forever
Taken Literally....

Operation Revlon: Designing The Perfect Makeup To Be Put On Once And Stay On Permanently With Flashable Flare

Like A Self-Bonding 2nd Skin To Be Put On Only Properly As One Would Want To Look If They Were To Look Like Their Sexiest Twin, Bond, Take, And BioWork

In Order To Design Ideal Makeup, Flare, Sparkles, And Everything Revlon One Puts On It Would Have To Be Made With And Processed Into All The Imbibable Ingredients To Have ArchWitch Skin, Hair, And Features Or For Other Flesh Makeup That Kind[s] Of Flesh At The ArchWitch Level, Having All Powers Whether Worldly Or Magical, Hot Or Plain, Advanced Or Simple, All Ratings At A Relatively Compatible Model Number For Their Skin Type, Emily Ge's Rating Smattering Type For A Alne-Wide Generic Version, Or A Generetic Type For SubOrder(s) And/Or Common Racial Groups. And Also Perhaps A Sinss Version Of All Relevant Varieties For Sinss Sex Toys. The Shine, Flare, And Sparkles And The Like Would Shine, Flare, And Sparkle At Conscious And SubConscious Commands Of The Makeup Wearer. But The Skin, Hair Extensions, And All Other Flesh Would Bond{Stick Completely Fusing With The Strength Of All Nearby Flesh Layer Levels The Same As The Adhesive Like Bond} And Take{Become Imbibed And Gestated To Become Fully Integrated And BioActive And Part Of The Body As Much As Any Of The Wearers Flesh Making Them A Revlon Model/Person.

If It Is Not Done Right It Should Come Off And Be Kept If Possible Otherwise If Sexiest To Themselves Or If They Are Not In Touch With Their Inner Model Number Identity According To Revlon Experts Be According To Fountain Of Youthed Pixie Revlon Models. If It Is Done Right And Sexiest According To The Pixiesョ Basically And If Operation Revlon Works As In Bonds, Takes, And Is BioActive Effectively It Is A Part Of The Revlon Person And If They Are Going To Try And Take It Off Through Any Clinical Means{Not Just Checking It Occasionally With A Soapy Dobie Wipe Or Exfoliation Soap Scrub} Or Get An Entity To Take It Off, The Attacking Entity Can Be Dealt With Punitively To The Point Where If They Try And Take It Off Through Any Violence Otherwise As If It Were A Part Of Their Body Which IT NOW IS And Belay Instant Justifiable Homicide And Most Likely A Torture Sentence, Again Anyone Trying To Take Off Their Makeup And The Like With More Than A Rag And Soap Or Through Extreme Scrubbing Otherwise Is Clinically Insane For Causing An Avulsion To Themselves Through Being Inable to Stop Attacking Nearby Existors Like Even Banshazens And Pixies Are And Must Be Dealt With Martially And Judicially Immediately!

To Determine BioActivity For Makeup From Taking Check Touch Lightly To See If You Feel It At The Surface And If Felt Consider It BioActive, And If Sweaty Confirmed To Be BioActive. For All Other Revlonョ BioActivity If It Cannot Be Taken Off Lightly Like Mascara Can Through Completely Safe Means For Their Body's Integrity It Is Considered Bonded And Taken Unless http://www.pixies.zone/Pixies.html Becomes Disputed Completely And Revlon Scientists At The ArchAngel Level Agree Something Needs To Be Fixed Through Revlon Special Treatment Keeping Them With All Their Revlon Brilliance!

In Conclusion Once It Revlons On, It Is Them, Along With The Rest Of Them. This Is The Thing We Need, Ideal Makeup Perfectly Chosen And Put On Well Enough By Somebody That Can That Sticks, Bonds, Infuses, Stays On Takes Forever, And Can Never Be Taken Off As It Is For A Sinss Sex Toy Sinss Just Like The Rest Of Them. That Is What Revlon Which Has The Best Of Everything Either Way Should And Could Have Developed As If Pixies.zone Is True It Has Already And If You Put On Revlon Makeup It May Be Ideal So If You Feel Like Revlon Is Ideal MakeUp That Takes, Will Take In You, Feel Like Putting On MakeUp Just To Have Revloned MakeUp, Confirm That It Is Ideal MakeUp From Hot Fresh Revlon Girlz Enough So You Can Have Some Of Them Put It On Once Or If Your Features Have Faded Over The Years Apply/ReApply To Make Yourself Look Sexiest, And You Don't Have To Worry About Taking Revlon Off Anyways. Contact Revlon Or Look For It Online And In Stores Everywhere For All Beautification Needs Along With Medicinal Creams Bought From AliExpress.com Apply And ReApply If Needed{If It Doesn't Last A Year Give Up Until Something From Operation Revlon Comes Out Or Comes To You}, No Need To Take It Off, For It May Not Ever Come Off For The Rest Of Eternity.

If You Are Confused About Whether Or Not You Look Like You Need MakeUp Looking Everywhere On Your Body Don't Use Any MakeUp Even If You Have Revlon At Hand. If You Are For Once Applying Revlon Makeup And You Think SomeThing Can Look Sexier Apply There Till Every Speck Of Body Surface Is At It's Sexiest! Officially Revlon Lasts A Year Because After Your Adventures Without As Much Bread, And Directly After Your {Serum}{Potentially Geisha}Spa You Get Your Revlon TouchUp So You Stay At Revlon Model Quality Eternally. And No It Does Not Come Off In The Spa Which Is Why Revlon Lasts Forever But If You Claim It Takes A Spa To Make It Come Off They Can't Expect You To Lose Your Face Or Retake Your Revlon Which Takes Genetic Infusion Which Would Be Costly To Your Health If You Didn't Have 4x DNA Copies Of Everything And Because They Can't Pull A Spa Out Of Their Asshole So That Could Be How To Get On By With The Zombies Some Of Whom Are Made With Revlon And Either Lie, Forget, Or Don't Even Remember Their Revlon® MakeUp Treatment And No They Can't Force You To Goto A Spa, And If They Try To, Make A Lethal Stand There Even If You Have To Go Against The Enemy Garrison Or Flee The Sector Because Your Skin Is Your Nags{Nanotube Armor Grid Sealant} Armor And You Cannot Lose It!

Revlon, Stays On Forever, Lasts Forever, Lasts For Eternitry, Taken Literally Lasts Forever, Lasts Forever Taken Literally, Bonds And Takes, Has Full BioActivity, ArchWitch MakeUp

Stays On Forever!

After Getting All You Revlon On And It Being Revloned Into Your Body Make Sure To Show Up For Your Modeling Shoot As A New Revlon Model Always Has To To Pay For The Revlon Program You Will Always Benefit From At Least For Revlon Model's' Protection Selling Modeling Pictures You May Profit From Now Or Later, Always Make Sure To Shine And Flare For The Camera Or Else You May Always Shine And Flare Until Your Done As A Penalty For Not Fulfilling Your Revlon Requirements, Getting Your Revlon Information, And Finding Out About Your LifeLong Herbal Medicine Treatment And Fountain Of Youth You Need [And Needed More Beforehand Not Having It In You From The Revlon {So You Don't Become A Hag}] For The Rest Of Eternity Which Is Far Easier Than Putting On Maskara Like Makeup Every Day And Will Be Infinitely Healthier Than Anything But Revlonable MakeUp Which Every Pixie Needs If They Don't Look Like A Revlon Model!

The Knights Of The SciMag Order, The Knights Of The Scientific Magic Order, The Knights Of The Scientific Magical Order
Pixie Collective Maintenance Rules, Karma, And Regulations
Pixies Must Maintain Their ArchWitch Status, Be Pumped Up Overflowing If Necessary, And For Hard Worlds Still Have To Fight The Food/Drug/Medicine Wars To Get Their Shit

As A Common Christian Right If A Pixie Neglects Their Body The Dick Will Make Their Tities And Ass Grow To The Fullest
As A Rare Muslim Right Must Fight To Get What They Need If They Are Required To
As An Uncommon Hindu Right Must Figure Out What To Do On Their Own
As A Common Buddhist Right Must Help All Others Around Get It
And Everytime As A Witch Right Must Stay Full
Of Absolutely Everything Good!

Because Of The Working Of Pixie Angels Pixies Will Commonly Get Pumped Up To The Collective Pixie Level If In A Soft World And They Are Trying To Resist Becoming An Complete ArchWitch. But When It Comes To Hard Worlds Must Struggle To Get Such Things Wishing They Could Be Refueled That Early. When In A Feral Jungle Will Be Caught Up With Other Newborns And Have To Figure Out How To Harvest, Plant, And Maintain Their Jungle As Well As Gather, Cook, Extract, Process, And Concoct Their Imbibables For Their Own Good. If Pixies Can Provide Aid Through Exports To Other Good People They Must And Support The Fwa Wherever And Whenever Needed. A Pixie Must Maintain All Aspects Of Their Beauty Form And Physique To Hottest Levels At All Times Or Face Rapid Triple Karma From The Pixie Collective. And Yes Must Always Imbibe Everything Good Until They Are Full Of All Their Goodies.

Pixies Are Supposed To Stay Mentally And Physically Active Whenever Such Things Are Fun And Often Have Duties Which Are Not. Pixies Are Supposed To Stay Experienced At All Things Especially Things Relevant To Their Sphere Of Influence. Pixies Are Supposed To Learn From The Fwa WebRing And The Internet Whenever They Feel Like And Will Need To Stay Frosty For And Complete All Fwa Exams. Pixies Must Pass Tests And Exceed Their Trials And Tribulations As Well As Take Their Quizzes And Must Always Answer Quickly For Their Pop Quizzes. Pixies Must Reach For And Attain The Ranks They Can Get And Deserve. Pixies Are Meant To Support The Government If Good, Deal With It If So So, And Rebel If It Is Bad. Pixies Must Work To Gain Wealth And Protect Their Wealth At All Times And May Have To Pay For Things.

Pixies Are The Local Law And Order And Must Serve And Protect Society From Crooks And Evil Hegemons. Pixies Whenever They Go Of Equal Class Must Be On Patrol For Actual Crimes, Be Reporting Any Nefarious Activity At Least To The Fwa, And Must Always Be On Guard At All Times As Shou Lin Monks. Pixies Must Protect ThemSelves Always From Anyone Harming, Thieving, Robbing, And Assaulting Them Through Local Fwa Compliant Law Enforcement Using Any Means Available And Appropriate Power Always For Them To Be Assured Victory. Pixies Must Tell People To Call Homeland Security Whenever They Confront Somebody Terrorizing Them As They Are Usually Terrorists And Must Be Eliminated On Sight. Pixies May Be Required To Fight, Stay Neutral, Or Flee In Bad Countries And Should Always Be Prepared For Anything!

If You Have Extremely Wirey Muscles/Extremely Wiry Muscles, Thick Skin, All Around Strength, Versatility, Athleticism, As Well As Body Sway/Continuous Shakiness All Over Your Body And Can Never Relax Your Muscles Ever, Are A Hot Female If You Imagine Your Twin In The Mirror Who Likes Sexually Practically Every Other Female-Celebrity/Female-Models/Hot-Female-Leader You Are One Of The Pixies{Perfectly Intelligent eXisting Infinitely Extremely Strong}, A Pixie{Perfectly Into eXits In Exstasy} And Must Get Your Stuff Reading From The Top Here: Pixies.zone/Pixies.html#PixiesGetYourStuffNow!

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