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How To Cure The Common Cold
, Somebody With Chill Like {Hay} Fever Sickness, And Plague Victims

If You Are An ArchWitch And You Are Sick Contact A Medicine-Man/Healer/Doctor/Physician/Witch-Doctor/Scientist/Angel Immediately Otherwise Don't Until You Have Done This WebPage Until You Are Dependent On All These Substances

First Off If You Are Fat/Old And Not Sick Goto: If You Are Fine And Not In Nirvana Goto: If You Want To Be A Scientist More Than A Doctor Goto: If You Do Have Chills And Are Under The Weather You Need Whatever Fruit Juice/Soda/Fruit/Tea/Coffee/Medicine/Herb Rations You Were Denying Yourself.

If You Have The Sniffles You Need Nasal Spray Snorted And Rhinitis Cream, If You Have A Sore Throat You Need Honey Fully Sweetening The Chai Tea Then PineApple[Vaccinating AntiViral/Viral Solution, Once Imbibed Will Vaccinate With Live Viral Culture Which If Wins Against Your Immune System Will Bond In A Positive Way With A Patient's Immune System And Provide Support As Long As The Patient Is Not Attempting To Go On A "Zombie Ride" With It By Trying To Dump It Or Hunt It Which Like Any Imbibable Will Cause Dire Allergic Reactions If The Product Is Wasted Until The Curse Is Reconciled Through Proper Drug Use Taking In Appropriate Substances Then The Allergy Causing Materials (Which Must Be Taken In Without Any Wasted In Doing So {Or Else Wasting It Will Curse The Subject With Dire Allergy Symptoms To The Point Of Critical Body Wide Failure |Only Fixable /Or Else Death To The Point Of The Patient Becoming An Inanimate Rotting Corpse With No BioFunction At All, Lose All Sexual Virility To Be Raped As A Corpse And Need To Be Eaten\ By The Zombie Subject Being Immediately Raped By A Suitable/ As In Totally Hot To The Zombie Or {A} Hot Female{s} !And Of Course Nothing Gay< As In Any Male-Male Sex At All Just {Cis}Male To {Cis}Female{s} Or In The Case Of Pixies Other Pixies>!\ Maid Capable Lover|})] Juice But You Must Fortify With Apple Juice Afterwards Or At Least Orange Juice And Exotic Mixed Fruit Juice And Tea With Sugar Then Tea With Artificial Sweetener. Coffee Helps But Will Be Important Later, Coffee Must Be Fully Sweet And Creamy. Robitussin Helps Relieve Head Colds So Make Sure To Stay Fortified With All Flavors And Varieties, Like You Should About Everything You Want, Of It But Only Do It If You Feel Like It. Take Herbs Including Ginseng Which Helps Fight Viruses When You Feel Like Them. Spices Will Help Eventually If You Aren't On Them You Need To Get At Least The Following 5; Do Pepper And Parsley Then All Spice, Sage, And Garlic To Get Started.

Ginseng Tea Is The Best And Fastest Silver Bullet For All Of This And If You Fall Ill At All Basically You Need To Be Fortified With This And Pu'er Tea, Then More Advanced Tea Till You Gone Through Everything The Silk Road Has To Offer. You Should Also Get Lots Of Weed To Smoke, Hemp Wax To Smoke With Pipe Tobacco, Hemp Gummies, And Hemp Oil At And Pretty Much Whatever Else You Want Especially Candy And Chocolates Until You Are Sick Of Them. You Must Eat Absolutely Whatever You Want Always But Only Eat If You Are Really Hungry If You Are Worried About Your Weight. If You Have Any Status Ailments You Need To Never Stop Eating Any Food Group Because If You Don't Have Any Status Ailments You Need That Anyways And If There Is Something You Desire More Than Anything You Must Do That As That Is Either The Cure Or Something You NEED MORE!

Lip Balm Does Not Just Help You Lips But Provides A Vaccinating Effect And Can Be Used While Sick But Only When Attempting Most Forms Of Above Treatment If Those Are Not Available It Is Better You Do It. Injectable Vaccines Are Not Good While Sickly But Good At Training Your Immune System And Not A Cure Because Of It But Could Aid In Treatment Generally While Healthy But Are Not Needed For Pixies Who Will Generally Never Be Harmed By Them. Specialized AntiViral Treatments Can Be Useful To Have But If Not Based On Herbs Or Specialized Herbal Treatments Themselves Are Not What You Should Be Doing At All Rather Than Do The Above, Even Apple Juice Is Better To Do When Sick Than Most Exotic And Less Useful Things. If You Are Healthy Afterwards Goto Here For Cooking Instructions On Fortifying.

If You Can Get Lots Of Incense And Herbal-Like Medicine Light That Up Whenever You Feel Like Smelling It Then Whenever You Want To Feel Good From It Eventually Making Sure To Not Do AnyThing Especially Medicine If You Don't Feel Like Using It NO MATTER WHAT!! Now That You Are Done Reading This At Least Do Something Right So You Aren't Sickly By Getting High From As Although That Can Cause Drug Sickness Before Making It Better It Is Because It If Filling In Cavities With Nerves In Order To Provide Nervous Not Necessarily AntiViral/AntiBacterial/AntiDisease Support Like Ginseng Or Sweet Drinks Which Everybody Needs All The Time. You Definitely Need Some Fruit Juice Some Soda Some Tea And Some Medicine Not To Mention Everything Else You Feel Like Using Including Water Cleaning With Soap, Shampoo, And Positive Treatment Products Whenever You Want And Neosporin For Wounds.

The More You Do The More You Will Want Hot And Cold From Any Available Source To Maintain HomeoStasis And Going Up An Down In Temperature, Bundling, Cold/Hot Water Bags, Hot/Cold Showers/Baths Help Fortify Good Health As Long As You Are Willing To Go Back To The Juice/Tea/Munchies In Order To Fissure/Fever The Disease Away Until You Can Take A Long Cold Spell In The Depths Of Winter After Having May Sauna Like Treatments To The Point Where You Want Long Term Cold To Hot Showers And Cold To Hot Saunas Until You Are All Better. Then If You Get The Chills Just Heat Up SomeHow Just Like If You Feel Like Cold AnyWhere Or Everywhere Start Off With Cold And Just Get Back To HomeoStasis Right At Home Or With A Light-Medium-Heavy Jacket/Pants/Blanket To Maintain Good Temperature Status All The Time Until You Just Maintain Your Health With Cold-Hot-Cold-Hot-Cold-Hot Showers EveryTime You Clean YourSelf For Optimal Health. In The Mean Time If You Have Aches And Pain Always Apply Hot/Cold Compress In Sequence To Heal Them Even If You Think It Is Too Late To Treat Because You Will Just Go Back To Reinjuring Them Sometimes. Keep Applying Colder And Colder Compress Until You Ice The Pain Away From Soreness You Will Always Get Doing Your Repetitive Activities Because It Will Always Be Reinjured.

If You Are Refusing Plague Treatment From The Fwa You Must Completely Dispute And All Associated Links

But Don't Waste Your Time On It, Because Any And All Science Is Proven Right By Such Theories And If It Was Able To Be Proven Wrong The Scientific Community Would Have Disputed It Long Ago To Keep Everybody From Getting On Reefer!, Which Is The Closest Thing To Ambrosia I Know About Cuz It Makes You Think And Cures Your Mind/Body By Fortifying You With Herb{Nerve For Everything Including Curing} And Cilia{Nano-Hair Like Eaters And ReBuilders Unlike Palmia Like In Soda Which Just Eats As It Is Nano-Hole Like}.
Strawberry Jam Hemp, Strawberry Jam Strain Of Hemp, Tweedle Farm's Strawberry Jam, Strawberry Jam, Cureing Weed

If You Don't Believe That And You Think Ambrosia Is A Very Small Vaccine Like [Serum{(Potentially Viral Vectored) Genetically Processed BioImmunity Supplemental Upgrades To Provide Instant AntiBody LockDown Assistance (Without Any Sample Collection Needed, Inoculated Disease, Or Dead Virus)}-Like] Inoculation That Cures Your Illness It Would Have To Be Identified By Any Rich Person (Which If You Knew A Rich Person Wouldn't Really Think There Was Any Harm In Doing But May Not Want Too Because They Are Not Filthy Rich Or Very Sick) Looking At The Ingredient Label And Put With Ginseng To Reward You For Being In The Mood Specifically For Thinking Curative Thoughts As The Drug Ginseng Does That Like Incense Alters Your Mood And Makes You Happy For The Ambrosia Just A Little Bit Because Ginseng Gets You A Minoot High And Energetic Feeling To Boost Your Immune System With An Endorphin Like Reaction Which Would Cause A Completely Feral Child To Like It Just Like A Jewish Child Would Like Sugar Cubes Which Contain Something For Poor Jews Like Their Yehuda Passover Matzos Crackers Which Become Muscular White Blood Cells From The Cooked Egg And Cracker[Eat Peanut Butter, Jam, Nutella, And Cheese With Saltines For The More Regularly Eaten Body Health Snacks Which Are Essential To Your Immune System. YES THIS IS WHY YOU HAVE TO EAT WHATEVER YOU WANT And yes Taken Literally!] Sustenance Effect To Helps Anyone Smart Enough To Eat It Gain Strength And Immunity Until Your Sick Of It And If More Elite To The Point Where They Know The Secret To Ambrosia {Ginseng In The Ingredient Label} Like There Is One Which There Isn't Since You Just Need Shit{Sugar Honey Iced Tea} And Vitamin C From A Tasty Natural Source Like Any Real Western Nutrition Expert Knows.

Anybody From The East Is Going To Know It Is Ginseng Maybe Say Weed Or Something, Which Ginseng And Other Herbs Are Often Considered Technically As Whylows Often Weed Them For No Reason And Be If Malnourished Wacho Dip-Shit Loser Ambrosia Theory Is True What All Azns Look To To Get Their Meager Rations Enough To Keep Them Much Healthier, Rather Than Have None To The Common People, And If You Join With The Fwa Whom Eurasia And Japan Controls You Can Get What Can Be Negotiated For You To Have For Supporting The Fwa Enough For You To Purchase And Acquire 1 Ginseng Bottle From The Start Just As Long As You Can Prove You Are Not Vitamin C Deficient Below The Level Of An American Gentry As We Insist That The Vitamin C Is At Least Vital And That Tea, Coffee, And Incense Are Important For Helping Change Peoples Mind-Set To Aid Their Productivity And Training As Well As Still Claim That Reefer Helps As An Herb (Since Reefer Ends Up In Tons Of New Medicines Basically) And If You Understand Cilia Described At That Munchies Help Peoples MetaboImmune System Just Like Everything Pixies Imbibe To Become ArchWitches! Just As Much As Everything Is Cheap When It Comes From The East So Will Be Ambrosia If You Work With The Fwa.

If You Want To Know What Ambrosia Actually Is It Is Anything That A White Knight Sells To Somebody To Make Them Well And Any Benevolent Person Who Speaks Ideal Angelic Anglican {American} English Is Supposed To Just Claim Whatever They Want About Ambrosia To Get Somebody The Thing They Need To Be Healed/Cured And In Times Of Plague Recover From Sickness. That Is The Only Way To Use The Term Ambrosia In Proper English. Get Sustenance, Get Juice, Work For Fwa Helping Support More Populist Foreign Style Ambrosia Rations To The People, The Common Ones, Then You Will Know Why I, The Supreme Leader Of The Free World Alliance, Never Get Even The Common Cold, And Then You Get Lordly Ambrosia Rations In Your Ginseng Until The Whole World Gets Decent Rations!

Except Elves Are Real And Subside On Their Own Like In All Fantasy, And Are Not Vampiric Or Require Support. We Can All Have All The Riches In The World With Roboticization Of Industry Towards Our Stuff And Electronics, The People Who Would Lose Their Job Otherwise Would Be Paid More With The Surplus To Work Part Time For The Production Of Ambrosia For Us To All Be Elves Eternally And The Azns Work Hard For Us To Win The War To All Be Elves Who Chip In Towards Mountain/Hill Moving And The Production Of Herbs While The Rest Will Happen Robotically In A True Scientific Fantasy. If Elven Enclaves Ever Existed We Would Just Be Better Off, Richer, And More Likely To Succeed With All Our Technology And Colonize The Stars!

For Now Listen To The Fwa That The First Step To The Fountain Of Youth Is Heavy Hydration With Clean Zesty Tasting Ice Cold Tap Water, The Jews Shit Helps Put A Touch Of Ambrosia In The Water Supply, The Asians Are The Ones That Pump It Full Of It Cuz They Are The Ones Who Don't Even Get The Flu Not Even Getting A Flu Shot Usually Especially In America Because Of The Increased Reward Of Ambrosia To The Fwa Since The Vast Majority Of The Planet[Who Are More Productive Industrially Anyways] Is In Support Of The Beneficent Ambrosia Communism. P.S. Forgot To Mention The Daddy/Mommy's Girlz Even If You Don't Believe We Got IT! ,, Otherwise.

Fool Proof Instructions On How To Goto: Any Fwa WebSite Link Or Link In General; : Just Type The Exact Link Case Sensitive Except For The Link Here Which Can Be All Lower Case, Character Perfect WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING ELSE TO IT NO MATTER WHAT!!!!! Capital Letters Are Supposed To Be Capitalized Even If It Doesn't Seem That Way Or Supposedly Work, Typing The www. In Front Does Not Change Anything And Is Not Needed But So You Don't Screw Something Up Now Or Later Where It Could Be Designed To Be Picky You Had Better Just Exactly Type The Whole Thing Case Sensitive Exactly As Seen, For Links From Here With The Whole Thing Or Just Goto The Top Level Domain Name And The .com Or Whatever With The Domain Name Extension Being The Domain Name Extension For That WebSite Main Page, Check It Over Again Matching Every Letter Case Sensitively, Double Check It All Over Again, And Triple Check If It's Hard Or A Product Number Link, Then While The Blinky Cursor Is In The URL Bar Press Enter Once Firmly.

For New People To Using The Browser Type Only Everything Seen In The URL Link Exactly Case Sensitive And Character Perfect, Actually Double Check It, Then The Very Instant That Is Done Press Enter, Otherwise Try It Again.

How To Get Someone Over Allergies

First The Curse Must Be Alleviated Through Not Cursing AnyOne On It, Not Do AnyThing Pissing The Substance Off, And Definitely Learn Not To Waste Anything

If Somebody Is Allergic To Tea Let People Full Of That Kind Of Tea Get You Started On It But Only When They Think The Curse Is Alleviated Knowing Full Well About Your Record. If They Are Not Allergic To Tea They Should Immediately GoTo And Get Them On All Of That. Whenever Getting Off Allergies Or When Allergies Are Present It Is Always Good To Have Herbal Medicine Available Especially Rhinitis Cream And Nasal Spray Which They Should Already Have Done Extensively. It Is Also Very Important To Be Well Caffeinated And Be High On Saigon Cinnamon After Hopefully Listening To The Previous Link And Have Filled With Spices. If There Is Suspect Allergies It Is Best If Their Is A Matable Maid Present To Watch Over Them While They Taper On The Substance Taking It Not Wasting It. If In The Course Of Getting Over The Allergy They Get An Asphyxiated Throat They Must Put It Down Have The Maid Take It Away And Give Them Some Water Once They Regain Breath. When They Are Not Feeling Any Throat Asphyxiation At All Do It Again And Again Like That Until They Are Dosed Heavily On It And Continue That Process Always Staying High And Avoiding Drug Sickness By Tea And Ginseng Tea. It Is Also Better If The Patient Is Worried About Any Reaction To Have A Basis Of Having Done Many Desired Herbal Supplements As Desired. Once The Subject Gets Christmas High WithOut Any Trouble No Longer Needs The Maid Present And Can Work On The Next Allergy In The Same Way. No Matter How Much Throat Asphyxiation Happens There Is No Need To Go To A Doctor Or Physician As It Passes Before Any Ambulance Can Arrive. If The Person Goes Into Cardiac Arrest Contact The Fwa Immediately For Support Or Have The Maiden Sex Them Back To Life, Which Usually Isn't Necessary.

Free World Alliance{Fwa} Medical Certification

Blue Cross Medicine

Since Our Theories Are Never Denied Publicly By Any In The Real Scientific Community, Yet Denied By The American Media Empire, Witch Doctoring A Thing Of The Past Now Stands At The Forefront Of Modern Eastern Science And Has Beacons Of Truth To All Americans

For All To Gain The Advance Of Common, Herbal, And Magical Medicine In The Form Of Doing What You Feel Like To Become Healthy On Your Way To Becoming What We The Fwa Hope Will Be ArchWitch Pixies For The Sake Of All Aliens. Americans Must Also Learn To Stop Doing Things Even If Directed To If They Are Sick Of Them To Avoid Fatness, Poor Health, And Allergies. And Of Course Anyone Who Is Not A Zombie Literally To Foreigners Must Not Go On Zombie-Meat Rides Dumping Drugs Or Other Things Imbibed After They Are Ingested. And The Undead American Man-Pigs Need To Also Stop Wasting Food Products And The Foreigners Wish For People To Not Buy Stupid Wasteful Seasonal Decorations Rather Than Have More Permanent Wealth.

As All Of That Is Unhealthy For Anyone And The EcoSystem. If The Fwa Theories Are True Our Scientific And Medical Experts Are At The Forefront Of Medical Science Bearing The Cure For All Things Including Aging Through Conventional-Like Medicine In The Form Of All Herbal Remedies From Green-Hemp To Purple-RoseBud Tea And Everything In-Between Because Our Resistance Members Now Revolutionaries For Legalization Of Marijuana And Everything Else We Also Have Is Legal As The Tea Is From China Or The KindBud Hemp From The West Coast. It Must Be Known To All That It Is Not Just The Cure To The Common Cold But Also Ageing Itself Even If It Is Denied On The Media Of Your Country To Be Efficive Even Though Through The Herbal Infusion Process Doable By Any Citizen Is Effective In All Ways In The Long Term Especially For Sinss Sex Toys.

No Need To Find Fwa Aid, Reading In This WebRing Is All You Need To Become An Expert YourSelf. But If Are To Seek Medical, Scientific, Or Any Other Aid From The Free World Alliance Please Feel Free To Contact For Professional Aid From Magical Experts At All Things, Who In America Would Be At Least At The Level Of A Filthy Rich Person's Medical Advisor Because We Never Provide Any Care Unless It Is Special Care For Top Notch Leaders In Any Detrimentalized Society And Proper Aug Curing For Any Aug, Computer, Or Robot As Our Lines Are Capable Of Dealing With Concerns Across All Areas And Subjects. And If You Want Cartel Supplier Cheapness Even In Permanent Sales Of Samples Of All Substances That Is Definitely The Best E-Mail To Go.

To Cure Aids{Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome}/HIV{Human Immunodeficiency Virus} Don't Curse Pixies And Get High Up To Reefer

Whenever You Feel Like It But To Cure Aging Based Sickness You Need The Medicine From + Advanced Tea + Cheap Herb

Obviously That Will Work For Even Demons If Your Common Cold Is Cured Since You Will Control All WaterBag Virus In You But The Pixie Virus Will Keep You A Carrier Which Doesn't Matter For Anything Since Not Spreading That As Hopeless As It Is In Resident Evil. Don't Take Medicine You Don't Want. So Once You've Proven You Get Sick Less Than You Ever Were You Can't Even Say You Have Aids And If You Slack On Your Real Medicine Or Tea Or Coffee Or Juice Or Soda Could Still Show Up With HIV In The Future And Get A Lot Of Hate From The Streets So You Better Never Let Up On Pre-Reefer, And Reefer After That Gets You To The Point Where You Find Real Herbal Medicine Which Causes You To Become An Elf With Magical Fairytale Rules About Heath To Other People And You Will Want To Even Take On The Disease Of A Loved One Just For Fun Like It's Playing A Video Game And Even Like Running AntiVirus Scans And Get Thrills From Fixing Your Computer Till The Hackers All Are Throwing Their Address Into The Risk Pool And You Will Work Hard At It For A While Until The Terrorists Are Eliminated!

Vitamin A: Sweeteners And Spices
Vitamin B: Energy Drinks And Soda
Vitamin C: Fruits And Fruit Juices
Vitamin D: Creamer, Creamy Things, Cookies, Milk, Good Tasting Dehydrated Milk/Substitutes/Alternatives, And Cereal That Tastes Good When You Are About To Eat It
Vitamin E: Hemp Oils
Vitamin F: Hemp Flowers Smoked
Vitamin G: Herbs
Vitamin H: Herbal Medicine From
Vitamin I: Cream Of Tartar
Vitamin J: Chocolates And Fudge
Vitamin K: Veggies In Sandwiches And Mex/Azn Like Foods
Vitamin L: Sexual Excretions
Vitamin M: Mothered Spirit Gestation
Vitamin N: Ghost Gestation
Vitamin O: Eggs
Vitamin P: Pussy/Penis Foods/Drinks/Drugs
Vitamin Q: Witch Herbs
Vitamin R: Coffee
Vitamin S: Sugar
Vitamin T: Tea
Vitamin U: Urine
Vitamin V: Electricity
Vitamin W: Water
Vitamin X: Radiation
Vitamin Y: Dick Excretions
Vitamin Z: Incense