Fwa Guard Checklist

Post Indoctrinated, Fwa Facts Accepted, Fwa WebRing Comprehendible, Pixie Pop Quiz All Correct, Capable As WebPage Propagandist, And Fwa Girl Sky.Netarian

After Being A Fwa Person, Fwa Girl, Fwa Knower, Fwa Pixie, Fwa Fan, And A Sky.Netarian Nymphs Become Fwa Guardsmen/Guards Around The Time Of Thinking Of Themselves As Space Marines To The Core

The People's Army Of All Fwa People Have Nymphs Not Prawns Become Fwa Guards Quite Early Usually And Remain A Such Until Reincarnated. Fwa Guards Protect Everything Under The World Police Under The Government Under The Angels. All People Must Fight To Protect The Fwa While The Guards Protect With Martial Enforcement While The Police Must Be On The Side Of The Fwa, Be Above A Fwa Guard Rankwise, Or Must Be Deposed Immediately. If You Are In The Army There Is No Quick Test Because That Will Always Be Memorizable. If There Is A Dispute The Better Jewelried Girl Should Win, If There Is Dispute About The Jewelry They Claim The To Be Apprehended Can Demand That Homeland Security Can Be Called To Resolve The Dispute. AnyOne Claiming To Be Police Must Do So Or Face Immediate Consequences. Fwa Guards Will Follow And Police Will Restrain If HomeLand Security Must Be Contacted Even If Psychically. If Police Are Bad Or Cannot Be Used Like In Remote Areas Fwa Guards Are To Find Or Contact Higher Ranking Fwa Members/Fans To Deal With Criminals And Entities Violating The 12 Cardinal Freedoms.

Then Every Real Being Will Be A Fwa Guard While Everyone Else Will Be Or Never Not Be In The Fwa Army Of The People! Total Repression Means No Crime, Waste, Squalor, Or Corruption Whatsoever. But Still The Syndicate Remains!