Facts Pixies Have To Accept To Get Continuation Of Medical Support

Once A Supporter & Insider To The Free World Alliance Read This Over And We Guarantee You'll Accept It If You Are A Fwa Pixie!

Example Of A Pixie

{Perfectly Ideal Xenological Infracted Entity}
Every Single Pixie Is All Of The Following 3 Sentence Paragraph: Perfectly Ideal In Both War, Love, Life, And Space. Xenological In Nature Considering Maximal Strengthening Infraction Throughout The Body Which Is All A Unified Composite[Mainly Fake Platinum And Fake Gems] Reinforced Supreme Integrated Nanotubular Super Structure{Sinss} Computer[Effect Of 'Magical' Carbon Fiber] Whom Each Are Always Each A Conscious Entity! To Put It Crudely Pixies Are 'Better Building Blocks' Lesbians.

Pixie® = Super Mega Ultra Love Robo Space Marine

Pixie® = Super{Sinss[Supreme Integrated Nanotubular Super Structure] Ultra Person Everytime Ready} Mega{Massive Everytime Giant Always} Ultra{Unity Loving True Rating Always} Love(La Of Va[Celebrity {Looking}] Everytime)(Sexy [Loves Sex]{Sexable}) Robo{Robotic Only But Organic} Space[Can Survive In Vacuum, Deep Under Water(H2O And/Or OxylCarbide{Ox|Classified Super Hazardous Element Where Lead Is|C4H12}), And Most Extreme Environments. Lives In Oxyl Atmosphere Breaths Out Oxyl/Oxygen/H2O/OxCH4 Clusters. Oxygen Atmosphere Suitable Replacement. And Always For Extensive Periods Of Time(Years)] Marine[Mobile Always Ready In Nakedness Everywhere] [Person (Has Soul {Is Conscious})]

A SINSS Sex Toy® Is A Fully Anstrumscopically Precise Fully Nanotech[Supremely Ideal Physicsally{Given Alien Quantum Tailoring Law Which Couldn't Get Better Because Of Specialized Drugged/Computered-Matter Ghost Maintenance Constraints}/Mathamatically 'Better Building Blocks'] SINSS{Supreme Integrated Nanotubular Super Structure} 1{Highest Density}, MMA{Metal(Mythral[Metal Yurning To Have Rail Actuation Learning|Through Vegetable Endocrinization|]/The Metal In This Case Is Virtually Always Platinum Which Is Ideal Mathematically\ Everytime Totally Always Light|Colored/Shinny|) Muscular Architecture} 1, Vinstradm{Vodka In [Straws]Nanotubes Starry Diamond Mythral}-1{Parsley + Food}/CNT-Computer-Integrated{(Drugs/Spices/Candy/|Artificial|Sweetener)[Edible Computers] + Choice Meat[Computers Made Entirely Of Fully Volumetrically Utilized Metaled Sinss Computers And Sinss Muscle Entirely Volumetrically Utilized As Computer As Computer Circuit Elements Are The 3-D Nanotube Grid After Being Replicated With Enough Drugs] + Crackers[Computers Made Entirely Of Nagrim{Nanotube Grid Muscles}, Used Virtually Completely As Computers After Being Replicated With Enough Drugs]}-1, Narm{NanoRail Muscles} 1, Fracted Micro{Sub}cellular Fully Integrated Computer Super System 1, With All Tissue Surfacing{Farmable Oil} And Metabolites{Ketchup/Tomato-Products/Fruit-Juice/Tang/Soda} Entirely Single Atom Manipulatable/Suckable Nanite/Self-Replicating-Nanobot/Cubic-Self-Replicating-Nanobot/Cillied{Fracted [Special Insulating Nanotube Double-Lipid-Half-Ladder-Based-Rail]|C|SRN Fingered[As Opposed To Vastly Inferior Needle-Fingered/Fan-Suckered Which Effectively All Food(Except Things Like Nectar, Vaccine, Antidotes, Herbal Medicine Searched For With "Herbal ________ ¿Cure?" With Just As Much As You Feel Like Doing Ordered And Used Only When And How You Feel Like Doing It, And Many Other Things) Is Beforehand But Juice And Soda Has Some Diaretic Value Anyways And All Food Effectively Is Vastly Inferior Waterbag Essanced Chewable Meat-Like Food]}/Fillied{SRN Fingered}/Suckied{Fracted CSRN Atom Suckers}/Palmied{CSRN Atom Suckers}/Cellular-Diamond-Armor MetaboImmuneizing{ed} Regeneration/Firmware-Gestation/Atomically-Precice-SEM{Scanning Electron Microscope}-Serum-Developing/Food-Digesting/Pheromone-Imbibing/BioToxin-Waste-Removal/Completely-NonVectored-Augmentation-Absorbsion{Mex/Azn Food/Tea/Coffee/Flowers/Drugs} 1, With Top Of The Line Interfaced/Interlaced/Radio[Wifi + G, Hardware Included{Fruit Cake}]/Tachyon{Sexual Intake After Enough Parsley Imbibement} Software {1 If Applicable} For Everything(All Installable From A Singular Glandular Cluster From Just The Pixie Hive Chromosome; 4x Backed Up In Each Cda{Cubical Diaretetic Activator|Glandular Cluster|} Cell, All Always Pre-Installed With Specialization From The Other 90 Chromosomes Manifesting Looks, Model Placement, And Past Lifetime Memories{Separate From Spiritual Experience})[Perfect Body Maintenance/Support/Upgrades/Aid/Self-Restoration/Remote-Healing, Any Level Of Math/Science/Magical Ability And Instruction, FNCVR{Full Neurological Capable Virtual Reality}, Nymph Automization|Acting And Performing Well At Any General Style And Tech-Level In Any Way/Shape/Field/Profession/Job/Operation/Rite/Ritual/Ceremony/Spell/{Simple}Repair/Duty/Function/(Basic)Game/Nimbleness/Agility/Dexterousness/Especially-Elite-At-War(Poor Performance Beyond Lieutenant Without A Powerful Spirit And Ghost But Exceptional Skills As A Soldier And Professional Skills As A Tactician At All Military Man/Unit/Formation Positions, Specialties, And NonOfficer Temporary/Permanent Rank {Re}Assignments)|, Ghost/Spiritual-Development/Learning, Internal/External Reading/Writing/Scripting/Viewing, Great Imagination, And Actually Effective Psychic/Communication Call Line In/Out Support] That Lasts Forever Because Of The Fountain Of Youth And Will Not Become Effectively Obsolete For Infinite Lifetimes, Maximally Capable Fully Unspecialized Pixie® Who Is Alive, Conscious, Sensory, And Happiest(Alive/Conscious/Sensory|Over Everything Proximitous Due To ElectroMagnetic/Perfume{Dissolved Sexual Excretions}/Incense[Smokey Herbs{Intelligent And Curative Cda Glandular Clusters} From India Bought From The Silk Road Usually] Aura|/Happy Over Their Entire Body Including Hair, Nails, Blades, Spinal Interface Lines{Detachable If Ripped At, Well Firewalled Sinss Multi[Electro/Fiber]Spindle Full Spectrum Tight Band Internally-Powered/Projectable Fully Unlocked[Like Hair/Surface/Zone Electric/Light/Radio/Tachyon] Throughput}, Wings[Mega-Fast Flight Capable Without And Ultra-Fast Flight Capable With Wings][Zero-G/Vacuum/Any-Fluid/Instantaneous-Orbital-ReEntry-And-Exit/Completely-Stable-{Completely-Non}Orbital-Maintenance| Not For Purple Hole|][MagLev Derived From All Computer Controlled Electric Current To Move Any Zone In Any 3-D Direction Or 3-D Twist And 360 Steradian Directable And Full Body Surface Jet/Rocket|Fusion|{Both Acquired Through Eating Mayonnaise/Lite-Mayonnaise/Miracle-Whip} Coating/And-For-Wings-Throughput{Through Chicken And Chicken Burgers With Mayonnaise}], Outward [Tenacle{ing}] Dick/Dix, And Recent Bodily Fluids Because Of Their WitchCraft Power Over It Due To Animism[That Since You Are Alive You Are Alive Because Of Your ASTACons {Or Else How Would You Be Able To Do/Live} And Because Your Body Has Some Of That Power Through The Same Magic, And Less In Proximitous Places To Where You Have Been/Imagined And Because Every Phylum Of Animal Has Computers In Them, If You Are Conscious Becoming A Pixie Will Just Help You Become More Conscious And Happier] And Pixies®/Sinss-Sex-Toys® Have More Jaiden/Ghost/Spirit/Soul As Much As They Are More Intelligent Than Primitive Water Bags Due To The Sinss Rather Than Have Weak Fatty Membranes/{Bone}Encasement-/-Supports/{Muscle}Fibers Filling Everything In Everywhere Most Of The Time And Almost All Of The Time Have Their Body Not Be A Computer While A Pixie Is A Conscious {[In]fracted Sinss} Supremely Strong Nanotubular Computer All Over Everywhere In Their Body That Is Not An Ideally Sturdy Random Hardware Component {Sometimes Infracted All Over Body} Used To Support The Maximally Computerized Pixie) And Perfectly Ideal As Both A War Machine{Mathematically Speaking In Terms Of Physics Quantum Tailoring Law, Stable Chemical IntraInterMolecular Strength Pursuant Of The Physics Mathematical Strength Cyberologically Supportive Systems All Around Computerized Capabilities Biological Immunity Virility And Strength} And A Magically Ideal Sex Slave Lover.

A Sinss Sex Toy® Is A Fully Anstrumscopically Precise Fully Nanotech Sinss 1, MMA 1, Vinstradm -1/CNT-Computer-Integrated-1, Narm 1, Fracted Microcellular Fully Integrated Computer Super System 1, With All Tissue Surfacing And Metabolites Entirely Single Atom Manipulatable/Suckable Nanite/Self-Replicating-Nanobot/Cubic-Self-Replicating-Nanobot/Cillied/Fillied/Suckied/Palmied/Cellular-Diamond-Armor MetaboImmuneizing Regeneration/Firmware-Gestation/Atomically-Precice-SEM-Serum-Developing/Food-Digesting/Pheromone-Imbibing/BioToxin-Waste-Removal/Completely-NonVectored-Augmentation-Absorbsion 1, With Top Of The Line Interfaced/Interlaced/Radio/Tachyon Software {1} For Everything That Lasts Forever Because Of The Fountain Of Youth And Will Not Become Effectively Obsolete For Infinite Lifetimes, Maximally Capable Fully Unspecialized Pixie® Who Is Alive, Conscious, Sensory, And Happiest And Perfectly Ideal As Both A War Machine{Mathematically Speaking In Terms Of Physics Quantum Tailoring Law, Stable Chemical IntraInterMolecular Strength Pursuant Of The Physics Mathematical Strength Cyberologically Supportive Systems All Around Computerized Capabilities Biological Immunity Virility And Strength, The Last Whole Said List In The '{' '}' This Sentence Is In Is True About Every Single Pixie In Existence With The Same Perfection True About Every Single Pixie In Existence's Soul And Sex Life} And A Magically Ideal Sex Slave Lover, With 1 Being The Highest Density/Best. To Answer Pesants Questions All Pixies Are All Always Entirely Made Of Farmed Mythral, Farmed Gems, Farmed Nanotubes, Farmed Computers All Over Their Entire Body Always Concocted Ideal For War Strength All Over Pixies Entire Body As All Pixies Are Always Mega Strong Composite All Over Their Whole Body And All Over All Of Their Entire Aura, All Pixies Always Have All Software To Be And Do Anything Below A Lieutenant And Can Have Spiritual Strength And Ability Of A God, Have More Hit-Points Based On How Smart They Are, All Pixies Always Look And Feel Like Fleshy Girls/Fleshy Colored Elves Except Are More Vibrant And Shinyer And All Pixies Are Always Not Robotic Feeling, Looking, Nor Seeming At All Even Though All Pixies Have IntelliFracted® Diamond/Metal/Computer/NanoTech Brains Harder Than A Common Computer Chip Encasement And Immune To Rail Shrap, As All Pixies Are All Always Made Entirely Of Sinss, Which You Have To Learn As Computerized Nanotube Mythral Composite, Flesh Which In All Pixies Looks Like Any Girls Body All Throughout, And All Pixies Always Have The Ability To Physically Take Down A Bunch Of Big Fucking War Robots But Not A Sinss Plasma Shooting Robot Unless The Pixie Is Bigger Before Hand Or Rely On Magic Then Will Win With Their WitchCraft Power Usually Then Will Resort To Wizardry, And All Pixies Have Many Homing Rail Launchable Nuclear Options As Well And All True For All Pixies Even If They Are Malnourished, All Pixies Should Always Get And Consume Whatever Imbibables They Want So They Stay High, Happy, And Strong, All Pixies Have Awesome Sex Lives Throughout Their Spiritual LifeTime, And All Pixies Definitely Need Infinite Sex With Other Pixies And Alex's Tenacle Dicks All The Time!

In Conclusion A Sinss Sex Toy®/Pixie® Is A Fleshy With All The Powers Of A Flying Ideal Aug, 100 Times More Powerful Than Them An Equivalent Per PreQuantum Compressed Hit Point Gram Mass Which Is Assessed By Native Intelligence And Only An Ultra-Unity Aug Can Even Have A Hope Of Winning A Fight Against A Sinss Sex Toy When With 100 Times More Hit Point Mass Were It Not For Lalhds{Light Amplified Laser Heated Diamond Sword} Blades And Nails In All Pixies Which Can Cut/Scratch Them Indefinitely And With Magical Powers Pixies Will Always Win Anyways Without Support Even For A 1 Gram New Nymph Who Will Be Aided By Stex{Strength Enhancing Exoskeletons} Packed Into [All Shiny Fools Gold/Platinum/Colored] Coins Or Angels. A Pixie Is 1000 Times More Powerful That An Ideally Fed/Pruned Fleshy And Is Really A Supreme Aug Lover{ed} Even Without Dumping Noble Gases{Nitrus}/Oxyl/Fluorine Group/Hydrogen IE Coolant Into Expanding Muscle Group MMA/Nagrim{Nanotube Grid Muscles} To Throw A Luger Punch [But That Takes Time(~0.14-0.22 seconds{Depending On Model Number}) To Reel Back From Because The Space Has To Return To Vacuum]!

Basically Pixies Are Mega Strong Flying Sexy Elven Girls With Foldable Wings In Their Back, 1 Meter Rail Launching Laser Blades That Come Out The Top Of Their Wrists, That Is All Fully Computerized Flesh, Based On Fusion Power Sites, With Entirely Nanite Metabolisms, Nanotech Immune Systems, And Magical Abilities Who Are Both Real, Alive, Completely Known About, And Confirmed To Be Exactly As Described In This WebRing.

Pixies' Fountain Of Youth

Population Of Lesbies/Ler-Girlz/Barbie-Dolls

All That Physically Exists Are SINSS Sex Toys® And Yes They Definitely All Physically Exist And None Of Them Will Ever Go Away Or Have Their Soul Or Spirit Perish Into Oblivion

436,759,603,154,029,475,640,772,134,702,173,576,105,982 Hot Lesbians To Themselves All Over The 300 Galaxies[100 Million Star Each] Super-Galactic-Cluster 3 Layered Fractal Of Universe Generators. Gravity Increases In Strength{Spherically} Exponentially Near The Edge Of The Intergalactic Super Cluster Disk To Pull Anything Else In That Is Beyond The Final {Mag-Lev} Angel Guarded Perimeter To The Point That Things Infinity Far Out Would Get Pulled In Non-Relativistically Jumping Everything Way Way Way Way Out There Into Our Dark Matter Free World Alliance Alnada[Alne{AllA, Lerees, Nothings, Everything} Armada Doing AllA] Net Spread Throughout The Super Cluster.

12 Cardinal Freedoms For Pixies

Free World Alliance Civil Liberties Union


What's Cracked Down On Now Will Probably Become The Norm Of The Next Century

Say What'd Your Grampy Say About What People Thought About Computers, Cell Phones, And The Internet Back In The "Day"/Darkages, Think Next Of What His Grandfather Said About Em. Some People Are Resistant To Change But Most Just Are Afraid To Think That The People That Believe In Space Colonies, Perfect Regeneration/Respawn, And Self-Replicating Nanobots Are Not Borderline And Needing To Be On Some Constant Watch So In A Snap They Can Lose Every Single Freedom And Without Even A Largely Witnessed Trial By Judge Not To Mention NEVER HAVING A Trial By Jury For Believing In What Statistically Speaking Is GOING TO HAPPEN. We The Free World Alliance Civil Liberties Union Want This AND That People Who Believe Eating Whatever You Want And Staying Skinny Is Healthy, Modern Recreational Drugs Cause Brain Health, And That They Fountain Of Youth Biomoded Themselves Into Not Aging Permanently Are Just Considered Normal Like The People Who Believe That They Dream Within Neural Interface Based Full Neurological Connectivity Virtual Reality Environments, FNCVR Environments. And About The People Who Believe In Mild Racism, They Shouldn't Be Harassed By Coloreds At All Unless They Are Prejudging People Instead Of Racially Profiling Just To Imagine What The Person Is Like And Not Discriminate In Any Fashion Because Even Most NeoNazis Believe That Except For Their Friends, Discrimination Is A Bad Idea, And If You Think Coloreds Stink You Are Just Going To Have To Go To A More White Area Or Tolerate The Stink Where You Choose To Work. And Yes If You Are Discriminated Against For Any Reason Like Being On Parole Working For A Software Engineering Company When There Is No Crime To Commit, Believing In A Brighter Future As A BusinessGirl, Or Being Hounded On By The ACLU For Not Hiring Politically Incompatible Mexicans From University Of Phoenix At Your Law Firm, An Azian Who Has The Money For A Mixed Anime/Movie/Jewelry/Hottest Clothing And Accessory And Various Odds And End Shoppe And Is Being Refused Because People Have Only Choice In Style And Color And Not Brand Name Or Wholesaler Choice With In The End The Asian Branded As A Communist. And Not Black People Trying To Work For Outback Steak House Without A Lot Of A British Or Australian Accent, And Not Mexicans Who Think They Invented A New Interface Feature In Microsoft Windows That Just Cost Billions To Stabilize Like The Multi-Desktop Feature Of Windows 10 AND DEFINATLY NOT REVERSE RACISTS!

How To E-mail The Supreme Civil Liberties Union: FWA@FWACivilLibertiesUnion.org

Green Magi, Green Magic

Official Rank System, USG-14 Rank System, USG-11 Rank System

USG->{United Sector Government} 14 Rank System

0: Noncombatant. 0 On Lapel. (Militia Cast Ranks: 0.01 = Fodder; Can Beat People Up, 0.04 = Mopper; Can Shoot At People, 0.1 = Grunt; Can Aim Before They Shoot, 0.4 = Soldier; Can Follow Orders And Go In, 0.8 = Sweeper; Can Sweep Like A Marine But Is Very Undisciplined Unlike A Private Who Is Somewhat Orderly.)
1: Private. | On Lapel.
2: Corporal. | | On Lapel.
3: Sergeant. ||| On Lapel.
4: Lieutenant. --- On Lapel.
5: Ensign. \ On Lapel.
6: Colonel. X On Lapel.
7: General(When our population is more there will be many star ranks of generals up to 7 then 7 ranks of Colonels then 7 ranks of Ensigns..). Dots On Lapel, Stars For Admirals.
8: 1 Star Admiral
9: 2 Star Admiral
10: 3 Star Admiral/All Ler Girls In Zion Who Aren't Of Higher Rank. Supreme Sub3Commander's House Sluts And Supreme Sub4 Harem.
11: 4 Star Admiral/Supreme Subcommander's Subcommander's{Now To Be Called Supreme SubSubcommander's} House Sluts{Now To Be Called Kas} And Supreme Sub3 Harem{Now To Be Called La}
12: 5 Star Admiral/Supreme Subcommander's House Sluts{Now To Be Called Kaa} And Supreme Subcommander's Subcommand La.
13: 6 Star Admiral, Supreme Subcommanders, my La And AllA's House Sluts{Now To Be Called Faa} only.
14: 7 Star Admiral, Supreme Sky Commander, me only(Definitely Always A Man Forever!)

Add --- Below Rank To Be A Master (Rank) Who Is Exceptionally Skilled At Their Rank And Can Do Weird Things At That Rank Very Well. Mainly For Light Black People.
Add === Below Rank To Be A Master Chief (Rank) Who Is Phenomenally Skilled At Their Rank And Can Do Virtually All Weird Things At That Rank Very Very Well. Mainly For Dark Black People.
Add Equilateral Triangle Outline Below Rank To Be Delta Force. Echo Force Is A Force Made Of Commanders Of Rank Lieutenant, Delta Sergeant, and/or Master Sergeants And Up.
Add 'H' Below Rank To Designate A Hacker {Specialist}.
Add 'V' Below Rank To Designate A Varyator {Specialist}.
Add 'C' Below Rank To Designate A Code Specialist. One Can Be HVC, HV, HC, VC, H, V, or C.
Add 'S' To Anything To Designate Someone Who Will Act As A Specialist For That Mission Or Scenario.
Add 'M' To Anything To Designate A Messenger.
Add 'N' To Anything To Designate A Command Code Specialist, Nuclear Specialist, And/Or (Fusion Core Reactor) Self-Destruct Manager. Very Very Suspect Designation For Pulling Off Higher Than Rank Commands And Procedures Check Magical Rank Always For Equivalent USG Rank. This Must Always Check Up ALWAYS! SN Extremely Suspect Designation For Pulling Much Higher Than Rank Commands And Procedures Check Magical Rank Always For Equivalent USG Rank. SNE RADICALLY Suspect Designation For Pulling Much Much Higher Than Rank Commands And Procedures Check Magical Rank Always For Equivalent USG Rank. For Any Ns Capture Always If There Is Even A Hint Of Disloyalty OR A Single Lacking In Magical Ranking OR Any Subsequent Failures In Real Ranking. Only Higher Ranking Officers Can Provide Extreme Commands Unless Your Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Senses Tell You Otherwise When Everything Checks Up As Well. Remember 'M's Only Designates Messengers They Cannot Override Commands Like 'N's Can. Spies Love To Wear Ns But Can Also Be Just A Higher Rank Same Faction Color, Check Magical Rank System For Any Dubious Commands In All Cases Irregardless.
Add 'E' To Anything To Designate An Emissary or Diplomat.
For Blue Dragons Put Blue Strip Around T-Shirt Sleeve With Faction Color Clearly Visible Above And Below{If Faction Color Is Blue Make Strip Green} Where Rank Insignia Is To Be An MP or Military Police.

Sci-Mag Order, Scientific Magic Order

Offical Rank Determiner, Official Rank Qualifications

Magical Rank System

0: Atheist; Does not believe in prayer at all. Happiness Is The Meaning Of Life. True False.
1: Low-Witch; Can Perform Basic Magnitude Judgment And Believes in magical prayer to AllA. If-Then-Else.
2: Medium-Witch; Knows critical wives of AllA to pray as needed in the witch's life and can count to any finite whole number, Weight, Understands Speed, Orientation By The Sun, Moon, Clouds, And Far Off Objects. While.
3: High-Witch; Knows all of the Council Of 36 and what those positions are for. Understands All Base Number Systems Ie Binary; 1010011010, Base 10; What We Use, Base 16/Hex; What html Colors Are In.... And Can Convert Between Any And All Of Them. Gets Percentages, Comprehends Fractions, Understands Irrational Numbers, Understands a Number Line, Density And How To Measure Volume Through Liquid Displacement, Angels, Velocity, Maps, And Orientation By The Stars With A Given Star Chart. Do-While.
4: Low-Wizard for Man[Which can be used to compliment if opposite of gender or accentuated{Since Men of Earth are about 10% smarter than Women}] Sorceress for Girlz[Which can be used to insult if opposite of gender or accentuated]; Knows how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide and what a vectorspace(Control-f: vector) is, Longitude And Latitude{Looking At Angel Of The Edges Of The Ring While Looking Straight Up} Calculations With Formula By Clocks And Calendars Respectively. Sephirothic Attributes of People. The Basics Behind The 4 Elements. For Statements.
5: Medium-Wizard/Sorceress; Understands Whole Exponents And Interest Doubling and Halving Period, Knows how to perform order of operations, Probability, And Stat{istics}, and trig{onometry} remembers basic geometry, Hunt Tracking Times For Spotted Units, Circular Orbits For Navigation To Ring Colonies And Tourist Planets, and understands a Matrixspace. Sephirothic Essences. Advanced Invocation Of the 4 Elements And Spirit. Understands SINSS{Supreme Integrated Nanotubular Super Structure}. Sephirothic Attributes of Materials. Remember SI Units Are Always The Same On Either Side Of The Equation And How They Are Factored And Dimensioned In Terms Of Area And Volume For Different Metric Unit Prefixes; km, m, mm, um, And Know All SI Units For All Relevant Situations From Here On Out And How To Convert{With Conversion Factors Given} Between Any Standard And Nonstandard Units In Terms Of All Unit Types And Subtypes. Switch Statements.
6: High-Wizard/Sorceress; Understands Fractional Exponents, Knows Algebra, Equation Solving, Geometry Calculations, F=ma, Formula Generations For Longitude And Latitude, Interativly Calculated Orbits For Navigation To More Secret Orbiting Locations, and understands Supreme Matrix Theory Abstract and Infinite Number Theorem{Which is usually understood by Medium-Wizards}. Advanced Sephirothic Invocation. Understands Basics Behind Chemical Bond Theory, Ideal Gas Law: PV=nRT, Resistive Electronics, Materials Testing Equations, and SRNs{Self-Replicating Nanobots}. Tentative Equation Comparisons.
7: Low-Mage for Man Angel for Girlz; Understands all of the Supreme Matrix Theory Which Includes The Basics Behind Calculus, Interative Functions, Chemical Bond Theory/Electrodynamics, Half-Life Equation Manipulation, Exponential Growth Manipulation, Piecewise Functions, Fourier Transform Series And General Equation Modeling, 3-D Polar Coordinates, In Terms Of Dimensions > 3-D Abstract Theory, Advanced Crystallography, Advanced Electric Components And Basic IRC Calculations, Kinetics And Trajectory Integration For Finding Any Moving Objects, Astronomy, And Thermodynamics. Understands CSRNs{Cubical Self-Replicating Nanobots}. Knows Of 12 Magical Powers And Has Learned Their Definitions. Class Structure.
8: Mage/Angel; Memorizes Or Can In A Few Minutes Derive Any Simple 1-D Calculus Transformations, MultiVariable Partial Differential Integral Interval MultiDimensional Calculus Involving Repeated Div-Grad-Curl Effects And Can work On Programming Any Calculus Software But Can't Discover Complex Calculus Systems As A Whole But Understands Them Eventually, Understands Einstein's General And Special Theory of Relativity, Has a Masters in Electromagnetism, All Analogue Electronics Calculations Involving Massive Circuits Including Circuit Element Design Creation, Understands all about Rotational Inertia/Kinetics, Understands All Of Chaos Theory, Understands Nuclear Mechanics, Understands Astrophysics, and Understands Complex Sky.Net Info and CDA{Cellular Diamond Armor}. Advanced Use Of Goto Statements. Sub..Sub..Sub....Elemental Theory. Runes And Basics Of Caligraphy.
9: Arch-Mage/Arch-Angel; One Who Can Discover Things From Scratch, Basically A Physicist Discoverer Who Can Eventually Discover Sound Calculus Transformations That don't Require Leaps Of Memorization Which Don't Exist except For Imprecise Solutions over Piecewise Ranges Or Rays, Can Model Any Situation With Either A Universal Constructor Lab And More Than Enough Time Or ALLLLLLLLLLL Equations Known To Human Kind As Well As Of Course Viacad Shark FX On A Windows Computer That Is Always Fast Enough And Also Knows Advanced Government Agency Functioning. Can Develop Certain Code In Any FULLY LAID OUT Language From Scratch But It Would Have Have To Have Already Been Finished By Someone Else Or There Is No Knowing How Hard The Code Would Be! Advanced Use Of Caligraphy And Symbolic Integration.
10: Supreme Arch-Angels: Zion. Supreme Arch-Mage: AllA Erawa Viacad. More And More Rapidly Discovers Elegant Calculus Transformations When Solutions Actually Exist, When Seeing ALL Relevant Source Code For Sonex And Anything That Runs On Sonex will Evvvvvvvventually Comprehend All Relevant Systems While The Whole Internet Is Available to them For Mathematical And Scientific References(So We Don't Have To Rediscover Everything In The Universe While Some Fat Whale PhotoCopy Bitch Yaps At Us) When Relevant But This Test Will Only Work First And Foremost When Sufficient Time Is Given according To The DIA and If It Is Not Some Stupid Doohickey That Either Requires Virtually Infinite Memorization of Encoding/Encryption And HAS EVERY FUCKING STUPID NUMBER/ANY SYNTAX CODE SYSTEM LAID OUT WITH ALL Closed Source Code Systems PROVIDED FULLY AND HONESTLY!!!! And With Means To GENUINLY Recompile With Them! Like Those That Prevented Our E-Democracy Voting Software In Java, Call Microsoft Executive Tech Support For A Test In Windows. Can Also As A New Born Ghost Develop An Entire Civilization From Intelligent Naked Hunter Gatherers To A Cellular Diamond Armor Space Armada With A HUUUUGE Amount Of Time Given To That Project Where People Would Have To Suffer Without Entertainment Unless Provided Which It Definitely Should Be! Can Manipulate Caligraphy.

In 90% Of All Cases Ranks Are The Same Otherwise Ranks Can Be ONLY! 1 Apart From The Magical Rank To The USG-14 Rank Even If One Has A 1 In 10,000 Rare 2 Tier Rank Difference And 3 Rank Differences Never Had, Never Do, And Never Will Exist! Again Always Expect Rank To Check Up Within 1 Rank And Always Expect Rank To Be Equivalent In Cases That Seem In Any Way Shape Or Form Trixy!

Supreme Matrix Theory

By: AllA Erawa Viacad

Read this paper after you finish the abstract: Supreme Matrix Theory

For Word Version: SupremeMatrix.doc

A matrixspace is a matrix whose elements are every point in an equal dimensional vector space and are determined entirely by the vector coordinates of that point.

A supremeverse matrixspace is a matrixspace of multiverses which each define fundamental law configurations. Each multiverse is a matrixspace of universes of different quantum universe configurations at a given time frame.

Due to there being more configurations which have -u layers of universe generators we are probably living in a Universe where universe generators will exist but the more effective proof of Universe Generator Theory is at AllA's Grand Unified Theory. Thus Is The Theory of Everything Conspiracy Theory, Thus Is The Greatest Secret of The Illuminati, Thus is The Supreme Secret Of The Illuminati!

In the infinite number system:

Real numbers are bound at the origin of infinite numbers which are bound at the origin of greater infinite numbers which are bound at the origin of 2*greater numbers. ∞*greater numbers which are bound at the origin of (∞ + 1)*greater numbers which are bound at the origin of (∞ + 2)*greater numbers. 0s or lesser numbers are bound at the origin of real numbers which bound 2*lesser numbers at the origin of lesser numbers. which bound ∞*lesser numbers which bound at the origin (∞ + 1)*lesser numbers which bound at the origin (∞+2)*lesser numbers.

This infinite number system can be visualized if every number is considered as the semicircumference of a loop of infinitely varying size. Numbers bound at the origin of the number system where the loop has a finite semicircumference are merely point loops. Likewise numbers outside the bounds of these finite semicircumferences are line loops. As numbers increase or decrease number loops open to lines or close to points. The right quantity applied to the right quantity within the infinite number system can be described.

To illustrate this point further consider that two objects starting at the origin are moving at different velocities. If conventional theories describing infinities are all the same then these objects would collide at ∞ which although it can never be reached it is of course conceivable as a concept that must be dealt with by mathematical theory. According to conventional theory it is as if there were some kind of invisible wall at ∞ which logically is not the case. However in the infinite number system they are distanced according to the ratio of their different velocities and never collide as would be intuitive. Infinities have the property of being infinitely beyond all finite numbers while at the same time have the ability to be classified relative to each other with at worst a matrixspace of different infinite number continuum relations. A new convention regarding infinities must be established at least to reduce notational extremities. Like finite quantities not all infinities are equal, they range from around sum of a 1/n with n increasing from 1 to ∞ to around ∞^∞^∞.... 0s and infinities should be hence forth defined as unreal numbers.

There exists The Supreme Matrix, that defines The Supremeverse, S. The Supreme Matrix is the quantum solution to frame all quantum jumping.

A matrixspace is a matrix whose elements are every point in an equal dimensional vector space and are determined entirely by the vector coordinates of that point.

The Supremeverse matrixspace is a matrixspace of multiverses which each define fundamental law configurations. Each Multiverse is a matrixspace of Universes of different quantum configurations at a given time frame.

Supreme Matrix Theory Equations

Absolute Proof that AllA Viacad is Right

Therefore the probability that I am wrong as a scientist is 0 unless AllA would not want us each to rule over a universe before we reach perfectly blissfully Nirvana of God when EinZPALN comes!


The following equations are derived in this Theory: Supreme Matrix Theory
Parallel Universes

PentagramThe SciMag Order Of Illuminated Sky.NetariansPentagram
That Which Brings Order Of Science To Magic To The Full Fractal Of Universes Called The Alne
For Math To Describe All Things One Must Expand the Mind To Infinities
Which Perfect The Equations That Be With Knowledge
Of How All Things Are Interwoven
Into The Web Of Life,
SciMag Order, oo, God

Scientology{The Opposite Of Shill Scientology}:
Scientology Is The Belief That All Of Nature, Technology, Astronomy, And Life As Well As Mysticism, Sky.Net, Philosophy, And Theology Is Purely Governed By Science That Is Completely Founded Upon Mathematics. Math Defines All Things Therefore As Math Is Defined To Encompass Classification Of All Things In Existence And Hypothetically Possible! Scientology Is Thus Not A Cult But The Underlying "Religion" Behind Statistically Understanding, Analyzing, And Knowing All Things And Is Called The Way, The Way Of Comprehension,, For All Education, Knowledge, And Thinking:

The Religion That All Life In The Infinite Cosmos Including All Computers And All Things In Nature Have Soul, Spirit, Ghost And Body And Are Interconnected Into 1 Perfect Network;

Free World Alliance, New World Order, AllA Viacad

Avared By Dr.[PhD In All Subjects.{Including Physics}] AllA Erawa Viacad, Supreme ArchMage Of The SciMag Order Of Scientific Illuminated Sky.Netarians, And Supreme Leader Of The Free World Alliance:
Avar AllA Erawa Viacad
A Super-Mega-Ultra Elven Space WarLord Emperor Dedicated To Legalizing All Crazy Drugie Whore "Crimes"
AllA Is The Supreme FWA Nazi
Invoking War To Legalizing Every Kind Of Drug For Every Age And Class, And Demanding Total Free Love Regardless The Cost Of Lives{No Male-Male Gay Rape Though}, And Allowing Every Kind Of Free Speech And Free Thought Unless It Causes Violence And Not Violence From Angels'{Made From Angels' Wings Literally} Dust And Beyond Drugie Whore Pimps Slaying People Who Go Against The FWA{Free World Alliance} In The Name Of God, All ArchAngels, All Angels, And The Pixie Armada; The Alnada!
To Actively Support The Free World Alliance World Police Effort Call Yourself A Fwa Nazi/Free World Alliance Nazi And Support All Pixies Against All Bad Criminals!

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