EasyLine EasyLine Neural Interface

Wait Till The Technician Just Without Being Either Restrained Or Going Unconscious Injects Solution Into The Bumps On Your Spine With A Solution

A Human Or Pixieョ Can Get The EasyLine Neural Interface Built But Now Not Working Due To Ambient Warlock Like Disease Just By Eating A Lot Of Nuts, Peanut Butter, Fruitcake, Then All Different Kinds Of Azn Clear And Not Clear Noodle Soups And Dishes. To Activate It A Specially Tailored Metabolitic Immunological Serum Will Need To Be Sprayed Penetrating{With Initial Spray By Technician} Not Drilling Not With Any Hair Shaved Or Cut At Any Bump In The Spine Or At The Back Of The Skull. The EasyLine At The Back Of The Skull Is For Maintenance, Security, And Unautistic NeuroTherapy Only. The Bump At The Big First Spine Bump Going Down From The Bump At The Back Of The Skull Is For Main-Line Activities Involving All Activities, Below The Bumps In The Spine Interfaced Cause More And More Connectivity For Increased Digital Sensory Awareness For More Immerseive Experiences If Really Needed At All.

For Every Vertebrate, Sinss Sex Toy Or Waterbag, This Technique Should Work Given That The Future Neural Interface User Has Eaten All Of The Above Food And Enough Immunites Like Soda, Fruit Juice, Tomato Products, And Has A Healthy Diet Otherwise About Having Slut Food Be The Staple Of The Diet. All Of That Food Had Better Be What They Are Full Of So Much That Even On An Empty Stomach With That Food Around And Other Kinds Of Food The Future User Wants To Eat Standard And Commonly Eaten By The User Food Like Steak, Sandwiches, Or Cheeseburgers Rather Than The EasyLine Ingredients.

Once The Technician Believes You Have Become Full On All The Ingredients And Are A Healthy Slut Pay And Then Lay On The 60 Degree Downward Diagonal Body Rest With The Slit Hole For Head-Spinal Spraying In The Combined Body-Back-Headrest For The EasyLine Solution Spray/Injection. Once Injected You Will Feel A Curative Burn In The Bump Where The EasyLine Is Being Either Fixed Or Built By The Augmentation Solution When The Bump Feels Just Tingly After A Few Seconds To Minutes Say It Just Feels Tingly And Try And Feel The EasyLine And Eject The Fiber Stub So The Technician Can Plug It Into The HeadRest And Connect It To The Fiber Through The BodyRest Stand Into The Computer To Work Out The Readout Which Could Cause You To Go Into The FNCVR{Full Neurological Connectivity Virtual Reality} For Rapid Style Testing For Wifi Users Otherwise You Will Have To Work On Getting The Numbers Right On The Computer Which Is Your Interface Bonding Statistics For Long Enough To Have Security To Go Home And Try Out Your Firewalled Computer Or Mobile Module That You Can Plug Into Your Computer Via USB For Low End Capabilities And Fiber With A Windows 10 PC MotherBoard Slot That Plugs In Below The Video Card. Connect To Your Computer With Or Without Firewall By Interfacing Signaling Or Nervously Ejecting The Fiber From Your Bump Plug The EasyLine Which Will Detach From Your Bump If Hit Hard But Go Right Back{By You Precisely Shoving It Back In Without Hair In The Way} In Like A Good PC BlueRay Drive Holder If Banged On.

If It All Works You Will Need To Deal With The Software Side Of Things Which You Will Not Need Instructions On Since It Will Walk You Through It. It Is Sternly Recommended That You Install The EasyLineョ Software And Get Used To It That You Get With Your Initial Conformational Meeting But You Will Not Get Any Hardware For Free So Make Sure To Bring A Memory Stick With Enough Space For You To Get The Software Package Because We Do Not Like Giving Away Software Dual-Layer DVD-Rs To People For Free.

For Further Information About EasyLineョ, The HardyNeural Hardline®, And Wifi Neural Interface International Security Issues The Start-Up Network Known As The United Nations AntiTerrorism League Is Dedicated And Exclusive For Protecting You In The Digital, Self-Interfaced, And Virtual Worlds, And Has To Debrief You On The Current Nuclear Cold War Scenario So That You Are Well Informed As A User And Know About Agent Level Understanding In Case Your New Martial Training Is Something You Want To Apply In The Field Of The Universe.

The HardyLine Hardlineョ Neural Interface For HardyNeural Hardlineョ Hard/Firm/Software

For People Who Want A Fully Interoperable Not Integrated Neural Interface Which Needlessly Makes Them Part Tin Can

Same As Above Except It Requires Surgery 4 Square Inches Of Shaved Hair At The Back Of Your Skull Where The Natural Bump{If You Don't Have The Bump Check On A Ler Girl It Will Be Around There.

The Hardware Insertion Is The Exact Size Of A Quarter Dollar Coin In The USA Which Requires Having Marginal Metabolites To Not Have Where The Quarter Is Eaten By The User With The Tiny Drilled Hole Eaten To Afterwards In The Lab. The Quarter Is A Hardline Silicone Computer Made Entirely On A Quarter Size Wafer Basically With A Battery, Sound/Heat/Motion Electrical Generator And All Hard Computer Components Including RAM, Flash Memory, CPU, Video/Sound Processors Chip Farmed Into The Coin-Chip. The Coin Chip Will Be Constructed At The Chip Farming Level With The Fiber Spindle Fused To The Coin-Chip Which Had The Laser Diodes On It For Input And Output Into The Fiber That Will Screw Into The The Prosthetic Implant To Connect, Yet You Have To Check To Make Sure Before Screwing Anything In That The Fiber Line Will Disconnect Right At The Nut-Screw Site Or Else If Someone Bangs Or Rips At It You Could Need To Go In For Humpty Dumpty Style Implant/Implant-Site Glueings/Repairs. The Whole Disk Part Of The Implant Is All MicroElectical MicroFiber Pins Which You Have To Connect With Mentally Yourself Which Is Not Unfortunate But Necessary To Get Any Cybernetic Upgrade.

The Surgery With Takes Between 5-30 Minutes Under Anesthesia Requires Only The Loss Of The Drill Site For The 3 mm Wide Fiber Line And Just That Much Of Your Skull Which You Need To Eat Afterwards When It Is Put In Your Lemonade You Get When You Are All Done And Working On Your Bonding Numbers With The Computer Losing Virginity To Your Implant.

0th: Person Agrees To The Surgery Fully After Reading Through ALL Of This WebPage For Substance, Accepts Shaving Gets Shaved In The Site And Puts On Themselves Hair Covering Hair Net Preventing The Need For Further Shaving And Lays Down And Puts Gas Mask On Themselves!
1st: Subject Becomes Gassed With Amnesia.
2nd: Subject Becomes Checked For Consciousness
3rd: If Fully Unconscious Surgery Begins With A MiliChainSaw Drilling Just The Skull Site To Temporarily Remove Skull Circle To Just Fit USA Quarter Sized Implant.
4th: A Mechanically Aligned And Measured Quarter Sized Cookie Cutter Scalpel Is Used On An Alignment Device To Slice A Tubular Cut Into The Medulla Brain Matter.
5th: A Aligned And Measured Special Brainsurgery Scalpel Tool That Goes In And Extrudes And Bends To Cut Perpendicular To The Tubular Slice To Sever That Part Of The Brain Matter For The Implant's Filling.{Perhaps Another Aligned Tool Can Be Used Involving The Tube Cutter Cutting And Being Pressed In Bend And Extrude At Multiple Scalpel Circle Triangle Slices Where It Meets To Sever The Brain Matter In The Region And Be Pulled Out In One Combined Step.}
6th: The Surgeon Removes The Brain Mater With Thin Split Tube Pliers And With Room For The Pliers Puts The Brain Matter Into A Funnel {Without Any Twist Problems} Just Over The Neural Implant With The Fiber Facing Up And With A Conical Spike Already Screwed Into The Fiber Port For Their Brain.
7th: The Funnel Is Removed.
8th: Making Sure To {Re}Grip The Pliers To Grab The Coin Sized Implant As Well Still Holding The Pliers The Surgeon Quickly And Gingerly Puts The Brain-Matter Tube With Implant Into The Hole In Their Brain And Makes Sure It Is Firmly In Such That It Is Tight Against Rest Of The Brain.
9th: The Surgeon Puts A Tubular Scalpel Maker On The Spike Still In The Fiber Port Nut And Marks The Aligned Skull/Skin/Hair Circle With Maker.
10th: The Surgeon Puts The Skull Fragment Into The Drill Press And Aligns Or AutoAligns The Drill To Be Axial Within And With The Tubular Marker And When Aligned Drills The Hole Into The Fragment Going All The Way Through The Skin Into The Underside Of The Drill Floor.
11th: The Surgeon Unscrews The Surgical Spike From The Fiber Port.
12th: The Surgeon 5 Minute Harden Epoxy Bone Glues The Skull Fragment Into The Hole In The Skull, Duct Tapes The Skull Around The Hair Net, Coated To Protect The Hair, So That Their Is No Indent Or Protrusion, Cleans Up, And Takes A Break Until Glue Is Solid.
13th: Duct Tape Is Removed, Hair Covering Hair Net Is Removed Patient Is Taken Off Amnesia.
14th: Fiber Line To Computer Is Tested For Screw Site Detachability Every Time And Screwed In.
15th: Subject Is Dealt With By Interface And Woken At The Right Time By Computer Which Surgeon And Staff Can Watch And Work On To Aid And Not Impede Bonding Issues.
16th: Subject Will Automatically Unscrew Detachable From Fiber Line Fitting Screw Nut Detaching The HardyLine Hardlineョ Neural Interface Themselves Or Staff Should Be Alerted By Surgery Computer To Detach Line Themselves. Patient Will Be Awake And Usually Swear By It Working But Be Exhausted And Need To Be Driven Home For Their Rest Or Neural Interface/Environment Play.
Everything Is The Same As The EasyLineョ/Wifi Neural Interface, Except You Become Part Tin Can And Could Have To Have The Implant Removed With Bone Glue In The Drill Site.
DON'T FUCKING BECOME A TIN CAN JUST USE WHAT THE PROGENTIOR ALIENS GAVE YOU WAIT FOR THE EASYLINE AND JUST Dream Adventures Via Wifi Which You Won't Always Control Until Tin Cans Are Everywhere In Which Case The EasyLine Interface Can Just Pop Out Whenever You Eat All That Food And Drink Heal It Taking Hot->Cold Showers And Wait Patiently Even Being Part Freak Is Still Being A Freak To A Good Girl!

Lerョ Clinic{Looks Everytime Reliable}

Pixies/Ler Girlz Don't Get Augmented, Can't Legally Detriment Themselves With Any Augmentation, Can't Go To Augmentation Clinics But Can Go To The Ler Clinicョ

With A Vat Full Of Upgraded Tang That Tastes Like Blood To Ler Girlz After Being Born A True Fleshy Aug From The 'Tang' Vat If Not Reproduced By Other Pixies/Asexually-Areplicatory And AutoFlesh Surgery Devices That Work With Waterbags, Pixies Can Be Reconstituted/Repaired/Fixed By Specialized Technicians Whom Are Required To Be Sinss Sex Toys So Their Surgical Means/Expertise Is Proper To The Situation Of Pixie Repairs At Hand For Their Hand Must Be Guided Perfectly Only From Our Proprietary Pixie Hard/Firm/Software. Ler Girlz Get Only Necessary Repairs Anyways And Have To Heal Themselves On Their Own Unless Severely Damaged So Get Repairs For Free Even If They Are Not Following Mission Requirements, But These Places Are Not A Charity And Require Small Fees For Surgical Support To People And People's Augments. Ler Clinics Reserves The Right To Refuse Patrons, And Will Unless Our Staff Deem People All Of The Following Worthy Of Repair, In Good Standing With Society To Be Able To Be Repaired By Us, And Definitely With Overriding Need To Be Turned Into A 'Tin Can' Effectively. Once A Waterbag Is Auged We Will Provide Support And Repairs Only To People Deemed Legal By Lerョ Clinicsョ.

Let's Face It Ler Clinics Are For Ler Girlz Primarily Since Other People Have Office/Clinic/Hospital Space Dedicated To Their Augmentation Issues. But Ler Clinics Are Where Pixies Should Always Go Whether Legal Or In Trouble And Not Get Out Of It But Still Always Get Fixed Back To Normal Basically. Ler Girlz Are To Go In And Pass The Narm Shakyness Test When Interceding For Support Even Emergency Repairs. Then Normally Get Repairs With The Full Body Surgery Machine And/Or Tang Vats. You Cannot Own A Pixie Because Pixies All Definitely Have Souls And Definitely Are All Free As Long As They Provide Nominal Support To Themselves And Society Somehow, So Don't Come Here Trying To Buy A Nymph Or Sinss Sex Toy Or Something. If You Are A Pixie And Need Sex With Other Sinss Sex Toysョ As All Pixies Are Required To Do Because Of Their Body's Privately Owned Status Contact FWA@Pixies.zone For A Hookup[s].

Anything Can Be Cured For A Pixie So If They Are All Mangled And In Pieces Bring All The Pieces/Geup In Garbage Bags Or Something And We'll Get That/Those Pixies Back Together Again. Do Not Bring Us Water Bag Meat As We Will Know The Difference Check The Tissues In A Matter Of Seconds And Will In A Stand-Off Win If Not We Won't Believe The Matter Is Pixie Flesh As Pixies Never Get Even Fucked Up And Shit. Sex Dolls We Are Willing To Repair But Cannot Be Animated Because Of The Tatramount Narm Muscle Integration All Banshee Girls Who Choose To Become Sex Dolls Somehow Have To Deal With On Their Own In Their Stable Psychological State In Their FNCVR Dreams And Animated Moments When They Are Capable Of Going Out And About.

Again Ler Clinics Fix All Pixies No Questions Asked Except For Any Terrorism Related Issues And Fix People With Legal Augs Or No Augs At All But Are Not The Place To Get Auged Up Like A Limb Clinic Is. If You Are A Pretty Female And Want To Become A Pixie First Check Your Own Hands To See If You Can Stop Rapidly Shaking All Of The Time And Do Not Come Here Deal With Your Own Medical Issues On Your Own! If You Want To Become A Pixie Read Over All Of Pixies.zone And Pass The Pop Quiz Well Enough And If You Do Contact Our All Purpose General Hot-Line Style E-Mail At FWA@Pixies.zone