Color Coding Of All Types In 1 For Web/Print TextBooks Mainly For School

Elemental, Sephirothic, Dragon, Interface, 12 Forces Of Life, And Mixed Color Symbolism All Combined Into An Anglical Solution To All Learning Color Codes And Reference Coding As Well

This Is The Manual With And On Clearly Readable Color And Highlights Of All Types From A Properly Cascading .css File Type; MultiColored.css, Made By The Fwa For All Freeware NonEspionage Purposes, Especially School TextBooks

BlackNeonGreen: For Systems Surrounded By Digital Clarity Or Simulated Aura

NeonGreenBlack: For Digital Systems In A Space Environment

BlackWhite: For Basic Conveyance Of Scientifically Driven Systems

WhiteBlack: For Abstract Independent Math Systems

BlueOrange: For Beneficent Things To Do Surrounded By Hazard

OrangeBlue: For Risky Things To Do In A Peaceful Environment

BluePink: For Sweet Things Around Loved Ones

PinkBlue: For Cute Things In A Nice And Safe Surrounding

BlueRed: For What To Do To Play Nice In A Difficult Setting

RedBlue: For Acting Out In A Normal Setting

RedSkyBlue: For Talking About Things Which Must Be Endured That You Can Imagine About To Figure Out

SkyBlueRed: For Talking About Things You Won't Get Yet That You Will Get Later And Not Think About

BrownWhite: For Sage And Eternal Knowledge Not Yet Conveyed That You May Know Or Not Know About

WhiteBrown: For Things That You Know About But Still Have To Hear About Anyways But Can Often Be Skipped Over

GreenOxylBlue: For Hard Facts Of Magic And Things Supreme

OxylBlueGreen: For Supreme Teachings Of All Ages

GreenPurple: For Keys To Alien Things

PurpleGreen: For Keys To Deal With All Things Alien

PurpleYellow: For Things To Meditate On

YellowPurple: Things Which You Have To Get Somehow To Move On Or Go Back To

GreenRed: For Things Almost Too Hot To Mention

RedGreen: For Fiery Text, Active Learning, And Profound Speech

School, What You Needed In The Past Now You Need To Know This:

Counting, Whole Numbers, Natural Numbers, Number Line Theory, Fractions, Percentages, Algebra, Trigonometry, And For Calculus

All That You Need To Know Before Learning Or Discovering Arithmetic, Made By The Free World Alliance To Teach Everybody Abstract Mathematics, Now That They Have Gone To To Get Their Basis To Prepare For Learning In

Counting Is The Process Of Keeping Track Of Quantity{How Many There Are Of Things} In Terms Of A Stream Of Digits{0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9[0 Being Nothing 1 Being A Singular Thing, 2 Being A Couple Of Things, 3 Being A Trio.. To 9 Being Nine Things]} Which Can Be Followed By A Period{'.'} Designated In Math As Dot/Decimal Point Because It Looks Like A Dot. The Numbers Before The Dot Represent From The Right Most Side Of The Dot To The Left Till The Beginning Of The Stream Of Digits Are The Quantity Of Singular Whole Intervals Of 1 Thing And Not More Or Less, With Everytime The Number Is 1 Digit To The Left 10 Times As Many As Much As There Are Fingers On Both Of A NonCartoon Sentient Being's Hands. If You Imagine Your Toes From Right To Left Being With A Dot In Between Your Feet Ten{10} Times As Much To The Left And To The Right Ten Times Less As In Curling Your Fingers But 1 And Seeing Only 1 Finger Strait Or Taking A Powder And Separating It Into Ten Equal Quantities And Excluding All But 1, Again From The Toes To The Right For Every Digit To The Right Including The 1st Big Toe Digit In This Representation There Is A Tenth{1/10} At The Digit's Quantity From 1 To 9, From In The Representation Toe To The Next Toe Next To Toe Next To Toe Next To Toe And .. Until The End Of The Stream Of Digits That Is A Number.

Whole Numbers Are Numbers Without Anything After Or To The Right Of The Dot And Not The Dot There Effectively{Which If Dot Is There Can Show The Number Is That Precise In Terms Of Scientifically Significant[Sig For Short] Digits/Figures[(Sig)Figs]}. Natural Numbers Are Whole Numbers From 1 And Including 1 Not 0 To Higher Quantities Which Are Not Negative As In Taking Something Away At The Same Quantity, Negative[Debt Like Numbers Which Can Be Paid Off Or Expounded On And Canceled / Reversed If Zeroed / Negitivly Factored] Being Designated With A Dash: - Before Hand. Whole Numbers Positive And Negative Including 0 And Going On Forever In Terms Of Quantity In Both Directions And Everything In Between Them Including Parts Of Quantity, Designated By Digit(s) Besides 0 To The Right Of The Dot, With It Represent The Theoretical Mathematical Construct That Is The Number Line And Includes All Rational Numbers Which Can Be Represented A Fraction Of Whole Numbers Of Whole Quantity Divided Like Separating Piles Of Powder Into The Whole Number Quantities In This Instance To Describe Rational Numbers, And The Number Line Includes All Irrational Numbers Whose Quantity Of Digits[Not With Just 0s To The Right Of Them And Never Another Digit But Zero{'0'}] To The Right Of The Dot Go On Literally Forever And Not Figuratively In Any Way Shape Or Form, Irrational Numbers Fill In Where There Are Not Rational Numbers And UnReal Numbers Which Could Be Irrational Or Rational While Being Less Well Known And Unreal.

Fractions Are Like The Ratio Of The Top Quantity In The Fraction Designated By What Is The The Left Of This Slash '/' Or A '_' For Proper Arithmetic Notation And What Is Respectively To The Right Now Termed Below, As In Number On The Number Line Over The Below Number On The Number Line. Ratios Are To Designate The Chance Something Can Happen In Terms Of Percent Of Probabilities Of An Out Come Occurring Noted As 100% For 1 As Percents Are 100 Times Greater To Not Need The Dot As Much In Crude Estimates Put In Percent Quantities And Fractions Are To Designate Everything Else. An '=' Designates That What Is To The Left In Textual Form Is The Exact Same Quantity As The Right Of The '='{Equal Sign} While A '/'{Slash} Through The Equal Sign Or != Typed Represents That They Are Not Exactly The Same.

Algebra: Because Of The Ramifications Of The Equal Sign Both Sides Of The = Can Have Any Numeric{Number Line Like} Transformation Occur Normally In Adding{Combing Piles So To Speak} Or Subtracting{Taking Away Piles So To Speak} Or Factoring{subscript:(*) Dividing By A Quantity In The Bottom Of A Fraction Fraction; '/' Or Multiplying(Designated By '*'[a * b * c .. = a's Quantity Of b's Quantity Of c's Quantity..] Making It As If You Were Taking A 0.x Where x Is The Digits Normally To The Right As A Variable And Dividing It Into Something To Increase The Quantity Through Inverse; Reversing Top And Bottom Of A Fraction, Factoring) As If You Were To Take A Percent Less Than %100 And Not A Negative Percent Which If Factored In Any Way Would Change The Quantity To Be Negative(--x=x)[This PurpleYellow/YellowPurple Snippet Can Be Taken Out For People To Be Tested On Math Discovery Or Learn Math Discovery|And What PlaceHolders Are Especially About Counting You Have To Figure Out On Your Own| And SigFig Relevance To All Science You Will Learn When You Are Ready '_'<Line Above Digits Shows How Those Under The Line Go On Forever In Sequence( 1/3 = .3-|Typed|> = .3-3-> = .3-3-3-> ... = .3333.... )And Fractionalize The <%100 On The Bottom To Increase The Result}Subscript:(*) Or Any Consistent Operation Or Function, In Order To Simplify An Ordered Series Of Such Adding{/Subtracting}, Factoring, Or Series Of Exponentiation Designated By '^' In Typing Or In Arithmetic Writings Being A Smaller Number Notation; SuperScript{UpperRight [If Lower Right Designates Which Variable It Is In An Array(List Or Sequence<Full As In NonNull Set{Math Things In Any Configuration Including No Configuration} Along 1 Dimension Of Things Of Natural Length> Of Something In 1 Dimension As A Line And The Number Line Is|2-D Flat Area, 3-D Like A Space, 4-D Space-Time |)]} Delineating How Many Factors Of What Is Noted As Exponentiated Gets Multiplied By Itself The Expontiated Value Times {With Relative Factoring Applicable When Relevant}, Or Variable Or Even An Algebraic Expression In Text Of Such An Ordered Series Including More Exponentiation.... Which All Must Be Performed In The Order Of Most Deeply Nested Within "( )"s{Parentheses} Outwards Till A Typed Character{And In Certain Algebra Short Hand Nearby Variables Are Always Assumed To Be Factored}, Top ^/log_x(x^y)=y{_x noted In NonTyped As 1/2 Sized Writing SubScript[Lower Right Next To Number] Without '_' Unless Typed}, */'/', +/-{Adding Or Subtracting With Separate Negative Designation Use Done Before Anything} {Algebra} Done In Order To Simply, Convolute, Or Control The Whole Ordered Order Of Operations Altogether Potentially Using Multiple = And Endless Expression About All Arithmetic{Stuff Not Involving = But Math Processing To Determine Value} In Algebra; The Process Of Manipulating Both And All Sides Of All Equals{=} To Perform Work.

Trigonometry Is Ratios Of The Length Of The Sides Of A Right{Having A 90 Degree Anotherwords Pi/2 Adjoinment}/Squared Triangle Chugged Into Sin, Cos, Tan, ArcSin, ArcCos, ArcTan To Excrete Results Done Once x Is Computed Such That Sin(x) = Opposite{ Side Length} / Hypotenuse{Side Of Triangle Farthest From Right Angel Adjoinment}{Side Length For All Trig(Short For Trigonometry) Operations}, Cos(x) = Adjacent / Hypotenuse, Tan(x) = Opposite/Adjacent, ArcSin(Sin(x)) = x, ArcCos(Cos(x))=x, ArcTan(Tan(x)) = x By Reasoned Axiom To Provide Clarity To All Such Expressions And Simplicity To Performing All Such Algebra, Trig, Arithmetic, Calculus{Integrating And Differentiating A Function[Ordered Series Of Operations Like A Side Of Algebra Equation Possibly With Conditions{ f(x) = Any Ordered Set Of Operations-To-Things/Things With Or Without The Variable x Included }( Integral( f '(x) ) = Integral Neutralizing Differential Algebraically Of f With Respect To dx{Potentially In f(x) Or Not And Without dx Altogether}[However Without Any Factor Of dx Would Result In A Flat 0 Integral Result]< ' After Thing Represents Getting The Rate Of Increase/Decrease While Integral Symbol Looking Like A Curling '/' To Neutralize It Or Determine With Extra Variable(s) Notations Start To Finish Of What Is In The ( ) On Respective Integral dx, dy, dz, dt.. Attache To Gain Results In Many Dimensions Depending On The Equation WorkUp > [ 'f Neutralizes Function Only And Is Something Entirely Different That Somehow Algebraically Cancels Out The Function As 'f(x..) = x.. ] )|No Condition Can Be UnEven About All Sides Of All =, Apply To All Sides, And Cannot In Any Equation Describe A Side Of The = In A Way That Give Privy To {A} Side{s}/In-Between{s} Or The Statement Can Become Fallacious|(After Getting Most Of This Whole WebPage And Knowing How The Algebra Equations At The Bottom Of This Page Were Manipulated Goto: For Calculus Definition And Demonstrations Or Follow The Links To Gain Insight Into Math/Science/Other )] Which Performs A Operation(s){Chugging Numbers} On A Variable} , And Mathematics{Short As Math} Like Performing What Is Most Nested In Parentheses; '(' + ')' Before Doing Anything OutSide Them For Instance (1+2) * 2 = 6 != 1 + 2 * 2. Reciprocal(x) = 1/x. Cosecant{csc For Short}(x) = 1/sin(x). Secant{sec}(x) = 1/cos(x). Cotangent(cot)(x) = 1/tan(x).
Trigonometry Diagram, Trig Diagram
c^2=a^2+b^2. A + B + C = 360 Degrees = 2 * Pi radians{rad}[Steradians Are Sphere Mapping Angle * Angel With Units In rad^2 Or Degrees^2 At 4 * Pi ^ 2 rad^2 For 720 Degree^2{By Here-In Defined Axiom For Human Descriptions} Which Is All The Steradians Of A Sphere Shell In Radians^2 Or Degrees^2 For Mapping Out A Full 3-D Angel Sweep]. 2 * Pi * {r}Radius{Center Of Circle To Perimeter{Outer Edges/Length Of Outer Edges}(In This Case Circumference: Circle Line Length) Of Circle} = Circumference{Circle Line Length If Straightened To A Straight Line} Of Circle = Pi * Diameter{From Circle Circumference Strait Through Center Strait To Other Side Of Circumference Without Bend} = 2 * Pi * Log_2( Area {Area[Flat Land Quantity Same For Surface Area Like Of Sphere{Perfectly Round Ball}] Of Circle}* 2 / Pi ) Because Area Of Circle = Pi * r^2 / 2 Subscript:LengthUnit^2[^3 For Volume] -:>

2 * Pi * r = Circumference

r = Circumference / ( 2 * Pi )

Area = Pi * ( Circumference / ( 2* Pi ) ) ^ 2 / 2

Area * 2 / Pi = ( Circumference / ( 2 * Pi ) ) ^ 2

Log_2( Area * 2 / Pi ) = r = Circumference / ( 2 * Pi )

Circumference = 2 * Pi * r

Log_2( Area * 2 / Pi ) * 2 * Pi = Circumference = 2 * Pi * r

Trigonometry, Trig, Unit CircleGet Every Picture Then Click Every Link In This WebPage To Learn Everything. Once You Get The Fundamentals Behind Calculus From Click Here For Further {Where g(x) Is Just Another Separate Function..}Documentation About Further Calculus Properties To Meditate On.

After And Maybe Looking Over Other Things For A Bit It Will Be Time For You To Learn Arithmetic From Wikipedia. Once You Have Learned That You Should Find Class Exercises Online At Everything From Addition To Calculus Till You Can Do Everything Smoothly Without Reference Hopefully Until You Are Proficient At Even AP Physics With This Equation Sheet As A Guide.