Quantum Logic Not Just Overly Complex Equations Even Platinum Can't Figure Out Because Everything Could Be Based On;

Quantum Tailoring The Way Of The Future The Way Of The Past Or If Present In A Simulated World How To Resolve All Matter

Hard Coded Fluffy Math To Make Fuzzy Science; What Everything Is Based On LezReal World Or Not; Simulated Simy.

Atoms Have To Figure Out Quantum Logic To Exist And Compute In Any World Or Else Wouldn't Be Able To Adhere To More Complex Equations Which Have As Of Yet Not Produced Substantiated Proof Of Quantum Expression Which Software Like Computational Theory Can Solve And Model And If To Be Proven True Be Used To Gauge All Quantum Mechanical Workings Under Quantum Framework Theory Which Is The Only Thing That Could Really Model Animism At All Or Any Of Us Or You Even. The Supreme Matrix Theory Cannot Be Computing All Quantum Frames Even Though We Are Living In The Supreme Matrix Because There Is No Way Of Getting Such A Big Islamic Computer Produced.

Through Primary Mining Of Magma Innate Plasma Goop Can Be Extracted To Be Depleted Through Etherialization In Holographic Replicators.

Through Secondary Mining Of Primitive Base Ore From Mountain Moving Base Metal And Glass For Things Like Silverware Or Steel For Construction Can Be Refined Through Colombization Into Base Metal, Forged, Foundried, Katanad, Which Has Atomic And Chemical Constituency.

Through Tertiary Mining Of Bedrock Near The Surface Of A Forest Fool's Gold And Crystals Can Be Extracted And Refined Through Separation And Colombization Into Higher Quality More Durable, Though CNT Grid Replicated, Items And Into Electronic Components.

Through Quadentary Mining Of Imbibables From Farms Over Chip Farm Royal Fool's Gold And Gems/Jade With More Ornate Designs And Patterning On Them Which Can Become Jainist Items Through Replication Or Be Processed Into Food, Drugs, Medicine, And Hygiene Products Aka Imbibables.

If Everything Were Based On Animistically Randomized Quantum Tailoredly Computational Logic As Well As Equations And Have Discrete Engineered Spring Vector Elliptical Orbital Modeled With Proton, Neutron, Electron Jump Flow Exchanges Patterned Naturally Randomized About Most Parameter Based Systemic Movement And Positional Actualization Because Of The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principal And Particle Wave Duality Effect From Spirit Controlled Into Interactive Piecewise Functionality And Interchangeable Equation Systems With Separate Integrated Subsystems For Chemistry And Magic Chosen Through Atomic Discipline In Terms Of More Advanced Logic Now Derived From Nuclear Function Everything In Nature Can Be Described Correctly Which Is How Nature Could Be Because Of East Asian Mysticism Based Animistically Derived From Progenitor Alien Bio/Cyber-Engineering Applying The Effect Through The Earth's Crust Into The Mantle And Not Really The Core Of Planetoids For Societal Use And In The Simulated World Manifest By A Type 9 Civilization Of Pixies.

Quantum Computationability Stuck Where Most Of The Mass Is In The Nucleus;

Quantum Tailoring Through Quantum Computing Understood By Pixies Replicating Such Things In Their Body To Create Layered Simulated Worlds They Dream Collectively In;

Where Pixies Spend Their Time, Angels Virtually All Of The Time, ArchAngels Most Of The Time All Using A Simulated World To Make Everything From Plasma To Meat To Potions Extracted From Mantle To Crust To Rock To Farms All Simulated Just As The LezReal World Is (With A Few Exceptions)

For The Open Source Programming Project I Developed Which You Can Use To Help You Model Visualizations Goto www.RainbowFirm.com And Get The Latest RainbowSoft.zip I Am Going To Start Working On It When I Recover My Headache From Writing My 24,000 Lines Of Code And Everything Else I Did Including The Thousands Of Pages Of Text And Hundreds Of Pictures For The FWA{Free World Alliance} WebRing. No Right Now It Will Not Model Anything But If You Want To Work On The Project Or Have The Best Varyated Rainbow Visualizer Goto RainbowFirm.com For The Demonstration Of That.