Fusion Power Generation From Clean But Gamma Irradiating Deuterium-Deuterium MiniNukes

Only Work On If You Already Know Not Only How To Build A Nuke, Has The Ability To Build Microscopic Machinery, And Of Course Know To Send Just The Slightest Hydrogen Through The Rails While Having Nuclear Stores Far Away In A SubCritical Manner. If That All Isn't What You Already Knew And Already Got Just Contact Yellow Or Green Girlz About Getting Something Mail Ordered Or Training Simulators To Look Into Or You Will Blow Up More Than Just Your Laboratory!

The Inside Of The Reactor Needs To Be Fully Evacuated By A Turbine Vacuum Pump Running Continuously. The Inside Of The Reactor Is A Spherical Vacuum Space Surrounded By Solar Lux Aimed At The Center Of The Sphere Where The Reaction Point Is. The Solar Lux Outer Hex Should Have Sturdy Clear Flexible Hexagram Micro Plastic Sheets Connected At Each Point Of The Hexagram To A Micro Tendon. Each Micro Tendon Should Be Connected To A Rail Generator Keeping The Clear MicroPlasic Taught Over The Solar Lux Light Director By Dioded Electrical Lines (Which May Combine Before Being Supplied With Power Like Power Generation Lines) Which Away From The Center Of The Reactor Always (Slowly Compared To The Reactor Blow) Pull The Clear MicroPlastic Back To A Prone Position While The Electrical Lines Close To The Center Of The Reactor Are Dedicated To Generating Electricity From Blast Winds Through A Diode And Connect To An AC Oscillator Power Generating Circuit Potentially After Combining Dioded Lines From Solar Lux And Always Charging A Powerful (BiPolar) Capacitor Which Is Set To Turn Off The Reactor If About To Be Filled And With A Resistive Heat Radiator To Prevent OverCharge.

At Least 6 Rail Launch Tubes May Fire Deuterium (Or For Spiced Reactors Tritium Or Other Nuclear Reactants) In The Form Of Frozen Spherical Pellets Now To Be Called D-Balls At The Exact Same Point Hitting At The Exact Same Time At The Exact Center Of The Reactor Inner-Sphere Generation Lining. D-Balls Are Loaded Through Being Managed And Generally Spaced Out Evenly Through Loading Rail Tubes To Prevent SuperCriticality In Case Of Excessive Reactor Firing. Once Fired The Capacitor Will Begin Being Charged And When The Clear Hex-Plastic Is Back To Being Taught All Over The Reactor Lining And The Reactor Is Not Either Filled In Terms Of The Buffer Capacitor Or Too Hot, There Are No Other Problems, And There Is A Need Of Power May Fire Again Since The D-Balls Should Be Designed To Be Loaded Back At The Firing Site Just A Little Bit Before The Tension In The Hex Clear Plastic Is Taught Again For Ideal Operation.

Again Every Time The Reactor Fires If There Is Too Much Fuel There Or Fuel Pumped Into The Reactor The Reactor Will Self-Detonate As A Nuke Potentially Cause All the Fuel Around To Go Super Critical And Blow Up As Large Of A Zone Around As Is Determined By What Goes Super-Critical. So No One Should Be Allowed Near A Test Site Unless They Get How All This Works And Definitely Believe They Know How to Build A Nuke From Visiting www.HowToBuildaNuke.com