Alex Beck's Resume

What You See All Made By Me Alex Beck Personally; Music, Rhyme, Background Video[May Need To Press F5 Over And Over Again For That{Pressing F11 Makes The Browser Full Screened For Optimal Viewing Performance(And Yes Hand Programmed By Alex Beck From Scratch With Varyated Rainbows, 64 Bit Scroll Bar, And 2-D To 3-D Video Game Engine Licensed Seperate From His Job, As Well As Anything He Does Not Designate|Infinitly Reaching Clause|!!!!!}]

Now Its Time To Ryhme Everytime, Everyline A Ryhme Just Not Quite All the Time Because Its A Sob Job Resume Hey I've Programmed All Day For A While And Gotz This Video Programmed From Scratch And The Music You Need To Play Above ^ To Hear The Ryhmes Not Programmed But Made Way Way Far From Bein Sayd And Piano-Keyboarded In Ableton Live By AllA The Falla Too, Who Knew A White Boy Could Be Good At Rap But I Gotz The Skillz To Ryhme Every Time Just Like I Kan Pump Out Lines Of Lead Abstracted Code With Physics Knowlage Up To 3-D MultiVariable Partial Div-Grad-Curl Intergral Calculus With Applied Knowlage Nay The Discovery Of The Supreme Matrix Theory, Not To Mention Nanotechnology Theories About All Things That Make Theories From The Brain To Waning Ideas About The Self-Replicating Nanobot. That If Made By By Me Could Trot Through Your Body Eating And Rebuilding Atom For Atom In Its Wake, And I Even Designed Something That Could Turn Metal Into Liquid Metal Temrinators As Big As The Building Your In As BiPedal Mechanized Assault Vehicles Aka BiMAVs Which My Screenplays To Be Made Into Video Games And Yes Licscened Trice Sent To Sony Could Or Should Change The World Into A Whole New Place With How Sweet The Meat Of The Action Is To Beat Any Movie, Treat Any Date, But Still Cost Sweet Billions To Make To Take The Cake Of Hollywood.

Could It Be That I Don't Have A Job,, Yes Even With The Free World Alliance WebRing Of 63 Domain Names Hand Dreamweavered And Coded All By My Lonesome I Still Don't Have A Lothsome Job To Get My Hob Jerky. I Only Worked As A Lifeguard At Highlands Pool Where Highlanders Rule, As A Lifeguard At The McLean Hilton Which Is Worth A Ton, At The Disney Store Where I Swear I Was A Whore Cuz I Didn't Know Having Sex With Children Was Illegal, And At Shop Rite Yes You Got That Right With All My Might As A Cart Boy Being Used Like A Toy To Push All The Carts In Brewster New York Where People Are Dorks Who Don't Push Their Own Carts to The Marts.

I Can Type A Word A Second Even If I Have To Rhyme Everytime But Still No One Contacted Me About A Production Contract Nor Licensing For My Store Full Of Freeware I Got No Money For Because The Media's A Whore But Still I Need A Job Unless You Want Liscensing Or Riches Of The Best Shit For Seeming Like You Made Hits All Bought From The Store For Making Any Horde Of Richs I Got To Sell For Making Hella Bucks To Tuck Away While I Get A Part Time Job For Me To Hog While Bein On American SSI Money For A Sleep Disorder So If Your Hiring I'm Willing To Work Just As Long As You Don't Steel All My Work Or Work On Shutting Down Me Or My Webring Down Like A Hound In Which Case You'll Be Against The Law Of Any Country In The World That Wants To Hurl You Down To Someplace Worse Than Down Town. That Is What A Singer's Got To Figa My Telephones Gonna Ringa And I Don't Pick Up So Leave A Message Mighty Lingering.

Again Don't Hesitate To Levitate To Call Me Alex Beck, Aka Dr. AllA Erawa Viacad At: 1-703-402-4375, E-Mail: , For A Job Not Far From Falls Chuch, VA Where ______________________________{Rhyme Expected Which I Can't Say.}!